Ashley Beedle makes it better

What’s your favourite Ashley Beedle remix?
Around the time I nearly posted his amazing remix of The Aloof’s One Night Stand in the favourite falsetto chat earlier three things dawned on me:
1- I realised it’s probably not falsetto
2 - that the singer Ricky Brown is the same singer who made an album with Luke Slater that wasn’t very graciously received, least of all by me an my gurning techno fiend friends in the early 00s and that I should maybe revisit it despite the bad reviews
3- Ashley Beedle is brilliant but I’ve definitely missed some of his better work and this might be the place to hear it.


Always good to celebrate the work of Mr Beedle. I always refer to him as a ‘one man orchestra’. Here are my two favourite remixes of his…

I might post some more later if I don’t see some of my other favourites :+1:


Even as a kid in deep rural Wisconsin USA I’ve been a huge Beedle fan since the mid 90s. I dare say I dig what he’s done in the last decade as much or more than anything but I gotta go with a stone cold drop dead classic.

Newer jammy

Big Luke Slater fan too so also gotta shout this one to the top


I love this track ever since I first heard it…


Also, this, which he officially put out on a new label that as far as I know never released anything else.


I re-discovered this one over the Christmas period - splendid stuff!!


Yep, that Bent one is a cracker.

Always had a soft spot for this one, particularly as it really seemed to piss off the purists at the time:

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Love that Groove armada one.

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He took a reasonably bog-standard album track and turned it into something glorious imo!

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aye it’s the tune I was thinking of when I wrote the post title. Love it

Always loved that Stones one and still listen to it all the time, as I do with this one

And for years his ‘Illicit’ mix of Red Snapper’s ‘The Rough and The Quick’ was a go to record for me - sadly only accap uploaded to YT so no link)


That Tedd Patterson mix of where were you is incredible


Massive, gushy, Ashley beedle fan boy here. He’s been a constant companion in my record collection from my earliest days in dance music. Technically not remixes, but I’m posting them cos I’m not waiting for the next Ashley Beedle homage post to come up!

Both these records were early dollar (AUD) bin finds in Melbourne and have not dated in my view. Can still be picked up for very little!


I really liked his Afrikanz On Marz side-project.

Really nice rework of a Studio 1 cut from the 1970s:

Remix of a Baaba Maal track with a kind of Afro/2-Step feel:


The digital release of the Soul Power Music EP has an ace extra track called What Is This Thing Called Love

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Aforementioned Bent remix is prob one of my all time faves by anyone at all. Regularly find myself returning to this one:

There was another remix off the album by someone or other that did quite well, I think

Obvious, but…