Slept on (again)

Not a new topic. But music you didn’t know existed until now

Dan Kye - Actually (didn’t realise it was Jordan Rakai’s Covid 2020 lock down alter ego until this week)

Love this song so much Actually - YouTube

Giving me Joe Dukie / Recloose vibes this un


This was massively slept on and still is. Incredible record and only came out on a compilation (Lumberjacks In Hell). Played this a lot on my lockdown Saturday night show, so it really reminds me of DJing in my bloody living room.


Oh yes, a Paradise Farage classic as they say Bill :wink:


Got this on a double pack vinyl when it came out about 20 years ago. Incredible record that always goes down a storm but I’ve never heard anyone else play it. Makes no sense to me.


Revisiting this which I used to love but never heard much/at all


Finally got a release on Bandcamp last Feb, but didn’t realize until recently and been hammering the fcuk out of it since:

Which has also made me feel that I really ought to dig out all my old Groove Corporation stuff…


Loved Groove Corporation. Left My Heart In Sad Frank’s Disco was a great title, even if only a moderately successful piece of music.

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Oh, my God! Amazing!

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Never heard anyone play this apart from whoever recommended it in whatever shop I got it from from:

Still play this a lot and always get asked what it is. My favourite Sure Is Pure mix. Sounds great loud.


I remember that tune well, seems like another lifetime now.

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I love this tune. I’m reaching deep into my memory, but I think I bought this from Dave at City Sounds.
Must have been a day when he didnt just see me walk in and say “Pete, you need this tune badly” and play 20 seconds of it, only to get home and realise youve been had (again).

I cannot believe that isn’t Aretha Franklin

I was wondering where abouts you are, because I have the opposite experience with this record - we stopped playing it coz it was everywhere!

It does seem kind of familiar, but I’ve been away a long time.