Slept on (again)

Not a new topic. But music you didn’t know existed until now

Dan Kye - Actually (didn’t realise it was Jordan Rakai’s Covid 2020 lock down alter ego until this week)

Love this song so much Actually - YouTube

Giving me Joe Dukie / Recloose vibes this un


This was massively slept on and still is. Incredible record and only came out on a compilation (Lumberjacks In Hell). Played this a lot on my lockdown Saturday night show, so it really reminds me of DJing in my bloody living room.


Oh yes, a Paradise Farage classic as they say Bill :wink:


Got this on a double pack vinyl when it came out about 20 years ago. Incredible record that always goes down a storm but I’ve never heard anyone else play it. Makes no sense to me.

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Revisiting this which I used to love but never heard much/at all