Other peoples mixes you're bumping. Not your latest live set/radio show!

For me, definitely, one of the best bunch of the newer/younger diggers to come to the fore since DJH went away are the Customs chaps. They dig deeep across many styles. This one is chock full of obscure Hip Hop/G Funk venturing into Euro House towards the end. It’s sequenced really well and has that record sampling ‘The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker’. Well worth a check as it sounds way better than I’ve described it! https://soundcloud.com/lorem-ipsum-yo/cruisin-with-customs


Loving this Coyote one at the mo, from the Music for Tea mix series. My favourite mix series run by probably the nicest guy in our little world of weird and wonderful music at the moment , Santi from Argentina. Lots of you will know Santi and His constant positive vibes. Check em out.


Oldie, but goldie:

This recent Mark E Dream Chimney mix is excellent.

Listen to Mix of the Week #447: Mark E by Dream Chimney on #SoundCloud


Just had a listen to this and it is v good!

Another oldie, really enjoyed this (minus one annoying track)

I’d say these are the best two I’ve heard in recent months

Cracking series… :+1: :blush: :+1:

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The Idle Cellar series is always decent. Particularly enjoyed this one from Cherry Stones


Over on Test Pressing I’ve become a bit of a fanboy for Howler and Joe’s respective shows and mixes. Trying not to encourage them as it’s costing me a small fortune.

This is Howler’s latest magic - Mixcloud

…and this is Joe’s -

Joe Morris / Shades Of Sound · Shades Of Sound w/Joe Morris - Nov 22


I really enjoyed this chuggy set from Ali Renault on The Lot

And anyone who’s into early NYC B Boy vibes - check this out - killer mix!

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Bought the album after listening to this promo mix

[Dr. Atmo & DF Tram “Wish for the sun” mix by DF Tram | Mixcloud]

Not been listening to much mix-wise lately, but if you’re down with Apple Music then this is a good one:

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I’m going to have to start with a disclaimer - this mix won’t be for everyone - set and setting and all that, but it has become a really big mix for me. As a married man in my 40’s with kids I don’t take chemicals any more, but I’m still partial to the odd night of mushrooms when the stars align (ie when the rest of the family is away). I listened to this one night with a really close friend I don’t see that often, just the two of us in a nice secluded garden with a fire pit, few drinks etc and it turned into one of the best nights I’ve ever had. It was one of those nights when we took a few mushrooms and we were looking at each other saying ‘I’m not getting much, will we take a few more?’ and needless to say we ended up asking each other questions like ‘is it just me, or can you see the wind as well?’ - good clean fun. But my mates da had died about 3/4 months previous and he was telling me how he felt he had to hold it all together for the sake of his other brothers and sisters, and hadn’t felt able to cry etc - I was telling him how proud his da was of him ( I knew his da well - sound man, he used to lend me his lawn mower), and the two of us ended up bawling our eyes out (happy tears), hugging each other, laughing, cheering, climbing trees and making really weird animal howling noises. Fucking amazing night, and this mix was the soundtrack. Me and the same mate make a point of repeating this about twice a year now (for both of us its the only real skullduggery these days) and we always come back to this mix. Highlights include the opening track KLF - Madrugada eterna, 4D - Mr Relax, and the closer, Damon Lamar - Tsunami Rain. This mix is a bit odd, but then again, so am i. But if you’re in the zone, then you just might like it…made by some fella jouko from amsterdam. I don’t know him but he seems like an out there cat


I look forward to this. Cool story Bro :mirror_ball::v:t3:

Just been listening to this , great mix from Phil Mison .

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Aw shucks, fanks my man :relaxed:

The cheque’s in the post :wink:

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