DiY Wedmore party footage

This is joyous… Not quite managed to spot myself yet…


Ace. Can’t spot you but obviously spot some of the DiY crew (Simon, Jack, Damien…)

Also love how the people videoing walking into and around the crowd and don’t stay on the dance floor, as you do at free parties - unlike a TV/Doco crew

Great stuff, some cracking motors on show too.

That Cookie Watkins record (26 mins) oooooofff!

This is absolute gold, thanks for posting

The legend himself Simon DK spinning it. What a crew.

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What track/mix is it? Can’t find anything online.

Think it’s this one


Thats it, what a record.

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I love this vid… takes me back to what introduced me to house music in the first place - Digs n Woosb… and the god / legend - DK

The DIY book is a good read.


Yep, Harry writes well.

Lots of crazy stories I’d not heard before.