Videos of DJ's cutting up tracks

I really rate Andy Smith’s skills, and I particularly like watching people cutting up 45’s, so I often find myself rewatching this video. For anyone unfamiliar with it, the track itself (And Then There Was Skin, by Cozy Powell) is perfect for this as it consists of about 3 minutes of super-tuff rock breaks.

If anyone has anything similar, stick it here :+1:

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An old fave of mine from The 45 King:


This dude, Lord Fader


I remember been blown away by this guy/set in lockdown…


Thanks guys! I love these clips :+1:

Such a relaxed style - he makes it look so easy! Same with that J Rocc video.

Yeah, he’s pretty incredible! So nimble, and good selections :+1:

If you like Lord Fader’s style, you should check out this classic of the genre⬇️. It’s a 70-minute live battle featuring Shortkut (Invisible Skratch Piklz) and Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli). My wife doesn’t like turntablism, but I persuaded her to let me play it on a long car journey and was fully expecting her to start complaining after about 5 minutes - but, surprisingly, she liked it and listened to the whole thing in one go. It’s so inventive and abstract, but probably best avoided if you’re suffering from a migraine.

Here’s the recording on YT, tho personally I’d recommend it as a ‘focussed’ listen rather than as ‘background’ music while doing the ironing or whatever:

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Like a proper fan-boy, here I am repping another of Andy Smith’s videos, this time he’s cutting up 2 copies of Full Clip by Gang Starr.

It’s funny but video is essential for me to enjoy this kind of stuff. I found out about Skreatch Bastid (lord Fader) during the pandemic and enjoyed watching his videos because it’s so amazing what these guys can do (even with the modern mixers and serato which made it a million times more interesting even if possibly “easier” than cutting real doubles). Listening to a turntablist mix, though, is highly annoying to me because it just seems like they are interrupting the music. It’s like watching a sport like Formula One on TV versus listening in the radio, totally different things. IMO, of course.

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I am sure you already knew this, but a lot of these types of djs moved to Twitch, where you can just watch them getting busy while you work. One thing that i thought was interesting is that a lot of these guys clearly can just rock most music and in the past have just taken the gigs that have the best pay, but when they are free to play what they want they end up spinning jazz, soul, funk, disco, neo soul and indie hip hop. Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid both seem to do this a lot and it makes for a nice listening experience.

On the topic of “videos of dj’s cutting up tracks” my money is on Melo-D from the The Beat Junkies crew (Same as J Rocc) for being the most effortlessly smooth person on the technics for this stuff.

^This is a series and they cover a few different styles, worth checking out^

^Live on wax (for those that think it’s important)^

^Classic hip hop mix^

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Grandmaster Flash in his kitchen, from Wild Style.


Love this but here’s the original version with the Bob James audio:

Singalong turntablism from Jazzy Jeff:

Hard to beat this one

Can’t beat a Peter Piper routine


Ah ha! That has solved a conundrum. I watched Wild Style for the first time this century the other week and thought something didn’t sound quite like I remembered here.
I wonder what the story behind the covering up is as I thought Bob was pretty pleased with his contributions to hip hop?

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Paul Simon has the songwriting credit.
I doubt there would have been a problem licensing it if Bob had written it.

^Edan cutting up doubles of Thin Lizzy with one hand, while rhyming over the top and incorporating the “Johnny The Fox” bit into his rhymes^

^Edan cutting up rock records^

^Edan cutting up records in a record store^

This guy is one of the all timers for me.


Mysterio was always amazing to watch in the DMCs because he would incorporate magic and sleight of hand into his sets.

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I hear Grimes displayed some mad skills in California this weekend