The DJH Music Producers Thread

Hey Folks - I would love to hear what other music producers on DJH are working on… I am sure there’s some great music being created by people in the group.

I’ve been really busy with other work so I am not releasing at the pace I would like but I’ve not stopped working on music. I’ve been really enjoying using Serato Sample to cut up random tracks and make stuff from them. Here’s a recent one…

And another one

I find it really therapeutic to just sit down and bang something out in 30 mins or so just for fun!

Do you have a Soundcloud and/or bandcamp? Here’s mine if anyone wants to check them out.Stream Red Rack'em music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud


Hi Danny

Good idea. I wish I could bang something out in 30 minutes, still very much in the weeks and months stage. Occassionally something comes together in an hour or two but it’s a rarity. Anyway, here’s a couple of unreleased things. Both quite different in style

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Hey Joe - just checking Cloud Forest - really love the chords. Reminds me quite a bit of S.O.N.S early stuff which I love. Great stuff. I have to say I’ve been very impressed with how your production has progressed over the last decade or so. You’ve obviously put a lot of work in.

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Having a frustrating lull myself thanks to family issues and workload. Hundreds of things in various stages of completion but struggle to get stuff over the line. A common lament. Last EP, first track was a Ninja Tunes rip off type thing. The scratching noise isn’t scratching but distortion and filter on a drum sample if I remember. The scratching effect was done by playing around and then automating the send rapidly to mimic the back and forth of a needle. One of they random happy accidents.

The other two tracks come from me discovering Scorn, Justin Broadrick and Godflesh over the last two years and thinking I’ll have a bit of that. Picking up Soundtoys’ Decapitator and the honeymoon period with that played a large part in things too. Though I like to dive a bit deep with splitting effects chains and layering rather than just slapping things all over the inserts.

Can’t see work getting any better soon so instead of struggling with new tracks, I plan to chop up some of the unfinished work and load it into session view on Ableton. I’ve got an APC I’ve criminally ignored and loads of chug and house I’m never satisfied with. Maybe a few cans and triggering scenes will change the outlook on that a bit.

BTW, Soundtoys have a black Friday sale on with some fantastic discounts.


Digging this - thanks for posting! I bought all the Soundtoys on a deal a while back but I only use of a few - tremolator, little alter boy, crystalizer and filter freak 1. I do find them creative plug ins tho so they are useful…

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I went a bit crazy when Waves went from premium to $20-$30 each, 4 for 5 and all that so forced myself to stick with that and not succumb to GAS. That was a while ago now so was actually looking at Tremolator and maybe Phase Mistress. Should just get the Effect Rack but can’t justify over a hundred quid on myself so close to Xmas.

Speaking of tremelos, apart from living out Spaceman 3/Spiritualized fantasies one of my favourite tricks is to use a tremelo on basslines to duck them behind the kick rather than side chaining compression. Especially when you don’t actually want to use compression on the bass but still want the kick to come through in the mix. Though mostly it’s for pads and zoning out :slight_smile:

I’ve never thought of that. I tend to use tremolos to make long held notes more interesting at certain points in tracks by adding a bit of trem to the last couple of beats in a sequence. Post production basically.

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Coupla bangaz from Mr P ici

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I banged this one out through the tears in about an hour:

I banged this one out through the rain of tomato soup in about an hour and a half:


my last house bit:

and i’ve put a couple of edits up that i’ve had knocking about for a bit


My latest offering is here`Preformatted text`


Released this one yesterday myself, after having had a very slow 2022 on the release front. Good to get into the habit of putting some music out into the world again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice stuff everyone! I might post some of my own music in a few weeks, when I have something nice ready.

I used to be a regular at the old forum, but I just got here and don’t have the confidence to spa… ummm share my work quite yet.


Here’s a new EP I have out this week


This will go to mastering soon. I really hope it sounds at least half-decent. I really don’t want to touch anything anymore in case I break it. Maybe edit the vocal volume, or it’s automation a tiny tad. I’ve heard the song a few thousand times too often, and lost all objectivity though. Just wanna get it out of my system.

The choir singer is a friend of mine, it’s not nicked from youtube or anything.

Private SC links aren’t streamable here? Damn, I’ll just use a normal link then.


Hi, I’m a DJ and producer from Ukraine.
2 years ago me and my friend did a session in a studio, and this came out.
Almost 1,5 years later the track was printed on vinyl by Bordello-a-Parigi label (Netherlands)
Hope you’ll enjoy it)


The link seems to be down for my earlier post, thank bill for the spin on NTS yesterday Concepts & Sketches

You’ve got a punctuation mark in the link here which is throwing it off. I love your Unreleased House Project, including the sleeve reference.

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Ahh, thanks. the link seems to work fine on the one just above

As one could guess from the title, this is a cheeky Kerri Chandler ripoff. Mopo bar is a bar here in Finland populated by crooks, drug dealers and other shady folk. It used to be my regular spot.

Mopobar A Thym

Again sorry for the lack of a streaming link. I don’t think this site supports private SC links no?