What worked great at your last gig?

Just got home, busy night so there were a lot of new faces that were aggressively mainstream in taste. I played some mega hits for them but these tracks worked well too:

So yeah not secret stuff for this forum, but for this crowd it was a way to expand their taste a bit.
What’s a track that really went off at your last gig?

This did:

Doesn’t sound that impressive at home, but it has that extra something when played loud.


One relatively early and one late on:


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Last time I played there were two tracks in particular that really got attention, but unfortunately I can’t find either of them on YT…!

One was the super-funky instrumental version of this⬇️ (it’s on the b-side, called ‘Part ll’). Personally I find the vocal distracting, but the instrumental is excellent, several people asked me what it was

And the other track was a souped-up Unabombers re-edit of Teena Marie’s ‘Behind The Groove’ (retitled’Beyond The Groove’). Can’t find it on YT, unfortunately.

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This seemed to play out very well at my last gig

Apologies - can never work out how to paste the link properly - any pointers?!

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Played out 2 nights ago. This got a really good reaction. It’s a commercial release of a 1970s library track. I think it’s included on a @GrimsbyRiviera comp, which I guess is the only way to get it in digital format.

Sounds great over a decent PA :+1:

Isn’t that also one of the wrong speed tunes Harvey plays too?

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Ah, that makes sense! Yes, I’ve seen it mentioned on a crowd-sourced playlist, but never thought about the speed. Makes sense alongside the other stuff he was playing (I didn’t hear the set, natch).

Top tip! I’m going to try this next time :+1:

Update: having now listened to it at 33 +6, it sounds even better. And, strangely, 45 now sounds too fast - must be the power of suggestion! Still a great track though :+1:

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