Mark Seven track ID

Been after this since Rotation last summer (ps thanks for an amazing night there a few years back Bill)
Someone on here can hopefully help.
Believe us something that Paul Simpson had a hand in

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Not really helping out here, but i’d be interested to know what this track at the 45 minute mark on his Dekmantel mix was as well.

No idea, but @Tomi_v may know, as looks like he asked on the SoundCloud comments.

Yeh I’ll dm it you as Mark kindly asked not to share on social media.

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Doubleplusgood – Conga Té 1993
I got it on here Various - New Faces | Releases | Discogs


It’s the Supa Pump mix off this Doubleplusgood – Conga Te' (1993, Vinyl) - Discogs


A version of it is in a Scosese movie.

awesome just nabbed a copy of the cd on amazon for 7 bucks shipped, thanks for the info!