Version Excursion

Welcome to the weekend…!

The original by Chain Reaction is great, but I prefer this version - the build up is better and it has a bit more raw energy:

This is a remixed version of a track that appeared on Carl Craig’s Detroit Experiment album. Vocal by Amp Fiddler, original by Stevie Wonder:

Another Yam Who? cover version, this time of the Brit-boogie-disco classic You Don’t Care About Our Love by China Burton:

Paul Hardcastle solo side-project from the mid-80s.

I’d forgotten all about it until I was sifting through some records this evening and came across a 00s promo (it’s the ‘electrofunk mix’, natch).

[Edit: despite the label, it isn’t a remix, it’s a completely re-recorded cover version]

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reckon Young Fathers might sample the start of that in Romance

This is a stand out on a cracking comp of covers. @MusicForHangovers South Bronx Community Youth Project post minded me of it.

aye it’s on the Coldcut Life:Styles comp 12’’ with this belter

my copy has had a battering over the years.

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Nice flamenco version of Cheb Khaled. The 12" has a ‘xenon dub’ on it which is intriguing… might have to cop the international postage and give it a listen…

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Was prepping a set last week, enjoyed finding lots of stuff I hadn’t listened to in ages. This G’n’R cover came out in the mid/late 1990s. Neneh Cherry on vocals.


Your mention of Neneh reminded me of this tune which features her on lead vocal. A cover of the ESG tune.

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I played this 2 nights ago. Strange to think that it’s over 20 years old…

That tune gets a regular spin from me alongside this Red Egyptians track that appeared on a Jockey Slut comp. It’s the first track and is, coincidentally, also 20 yrs old.

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@RandomJukebox The complete set of those CDs has pride of place on my shelf. I will always remember the face of the nice lady who worked in WHSmiths in Hereford who, after I briefly moved there, I asked to order me in a monthly copy of ‘Jockey Slut’

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