The Doors Covers

I’ve already found a handful of Riders On The Storm covers but I am sure there are many other interesting Doors covers out there.

(Here’s my handful btw - Digital Loa – Riders On The Storm;
Yonderboi – Riders On The Storm; La Royale – Riders On The Storm; Sean Finn – Riders On The Storm (Robert Naiphe Remix); Beja – Riders On The Storm; Cube – Riders On The Storm (Deep FM Remix); Tube Tech – Riders On The Storm (Elektoshizzlulphil Remix); Oziriz Feat Duraf – Riders On The Storm (The Deep Storm Mix); Rassek – Riders On The Storm (Kiko Naarro Rework) )

Here’s a couple more for ya!

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Break on through - Trentemøllers dark ride dub. Featured on his essential mix and not sure it saw the light of day anywhere else. I’ve often searched but never found.

“I wanna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.” - if only that were still true


That was going to be my first point of call

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Fab jazzy disco cover of Light My Fire.

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Almost forgot this one

Would love to find a copy of this to buy

I played this first track at a Low Life a few years ago, main room, packed floor, great moment.

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People Are Strange, not a decent one made I’m afraid.

waiting for someone to cover some of the rarer songs in the doors canon: