Rahaan disco not disco

hello - anyone know where i can listen to this mix? google just turns up old expired links these days. many thanks

This is pt 2. I might have the mp3 file for pt 1, if so I’ll let you know.

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thanks MGG, yeah after the og mix. let me know if you find an mp3. many thanks

I haven’t found it just yet, might have gotten lost in time. I definitely downloaded this mix when it was up, but it’s probably been put on some kind of external HD and I just moved houses so it may be a while.

Couldn’t find my file, sorry, here’s the tracklist mainly complete, though:

  1. Was (Not Was) - Oh, Mr. Friction!
  2. Ron Trent - Love To The World (Love Dub)
  3. Talking Heads - Pull Up The Roots
  4. Time Bandits - Live It Up
  5. Talking Heads - I Zimbra
  6. Nancy Nova - The Force
  7. Marsha Hunt - The Other Side Of Midnight
  8. Gino Soccio - S Beat
  9. DJ Rush - I Wanna!
  10. Magnifique - Magnifique
  11. Divine - Love Reaction
  12. Kebekelektrik - War Dance
  13. + ? - Sensuous Black Woman
  14. Lanier - 25 Hours (Nick The Record Edit)
  15. Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out
  16. Rinder & Lewis - Arabella
  17. El Coco - Afrodesia
  18. ?
  19. Hott City - Ain’t Love Grand
  20. Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler - Locked In This Position
  21. Cerrone - Love In C Minor
  22. Queen - Body Language

Rahaan - Disco Not Disco

I suspected i had this on an external hd somewhere… ^^^^link in title above^^^^


I have it if you want me to wetransfer it? Is that okay here folks? @shearer3000

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I literally posted it in a WeTransfer link in the post above yours…

Okay treacle, didn’t see the link, soz

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As the original request here has been sorted, I’m going to slightly divert this thread with something that’s been troubling me for years. Disco, not disco; jazz, not jazz etc. Obviously taken from Was, Not Was. However, the name Was, Not Was is meant to be pronounced Wazz, Not Was. That’s the whole point of it. It’s them correcting us for getting it wrong. So should this be something like Diesco, Not Disco.


Apologies for my slightly curt tone there, and welcome to the forum.

Funny - I’d never considered the etymology of the term, which is odd given that I’m a great proponent of ‘Not’ genres.

A pedant writes; if the Was brothers were truly the inspiration for Disco Not Disco (and Reggae Not Reggae, etc etc etc) - and it makes compete sense that they were - then I should point out that they styled themselves Was (Not Was), so following your argument the correct title should be Disco (Not Disco) :grinning::upside_down_face:

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I always assumed it meant tracks that arent strictly disco, yet work in a disco - more on a new/no wave tip.

I\d say that’s how it’s interpreted nowadays, though I can’t remember how or when it started getting used? Sean P and Dave Lee did the first compilation for Strut in 2001, so maybe that’s how the phrase first came about? I compiled the third in the series in 2008.

I got the original Strut comp when it came out (followed by the other 2 in due course), and I recall thinking the title was a reference to something that was already considered a genre (or sub-genre). But maybe that was simply an uninformed assumption on my part? Surprising to consider that the comps may have been the origin of the term.

Edit: iirc, some stores like DJFriendly use it as a defined category (Disco Not Disco, Reggae Not Reggae, etc)

Thanks pedant! I never knew that. I learn a lot from you.

I had all of those comps and loved them.

The last time I went out was to hear Rahaan spin at Night Tales. I only managed to stay an hour. It wasn’t the music he was playing that made me want to go home though. :wink:

awesome thanks nightlark, and everyone else for the info !

so good hearing this back. such a defining mix :hugs:

I think the first time I heard a ‘not’ genre mentioned was Jazz Not Jazz in around 1990. Used to describe the then contemporary Giant Step/Eightball Records/DJ Smash NYC alternative to Acid Jazz. More overt hip hop influence with jazz samples to produce dance music.

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Ah, yes, there was a lot of talk at that time about it representing an evolution in jazz. Since you mention it, I’m now wondering whether I might have heard the term used in relation to The Lounge Lizards and some of the more ostensibly jazz oriented bands associated with that NY No Wave scene in the 80s.