I don't suppose anyone knows what this is...? (Harvey Pikes 22)

Been driving me mad and will be forever grateful. Went on for about 11-12 minutes, have been merciless searching since September.


Sorry Eduardo, havent a clue but it is a fine track nonetheless!!!


I don’t know but can only assume it’s a track from Billy Woods or Pete Blaker done especially for the Don

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Ah thanks for trying lads, still not got it. Don’t think it is Pete Blaker, but will check out the Billy Woods possibility!

it’s like Javaroo all over again

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A bit of an update on this:

The same question was posted on a Discogs group and someone had a clearer answer:

DJ Harvey told him but made him promise not to tell anyone else. But he gave clues:

It is from Germany from 1991-a 12 minute long emotional ride with breakbeats and atmosphere i like.



The needle isn’t even on the record he is filming in that clip…

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cripes, it’s probably a culture beat demo track or something.

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HAH - I didn’t catch that, wonder what that means

Will probably be on another one of his mercury rising comps like that canadian disco tune he was banging a while back…

Ha you’re right, he must be playing the other deck!

Interesting, reckon it must be on his next compilation, that’s why he’s asked the lad to keep quiet.

I think I can stop obsessing about it for a bit!

Do you think he digs his own tracks or does someone else do the legwork for him?

He’s like Mancuso, he has people he trusts bring him music and a lot of music, to paraphrase him, “finds him”.

Bit of both I think.

I think it might be the Justin Strauss mix on here:

But its not available anywhere digitally as far as I can see, so just a guess at the moment.

Four people bought it over the course of a week in August …


I was laid up ill in bed the other day and went through what I thought,was every electronic 12" from Germany in 1991 but missed this. I’ve taken a punt and have bought one, I’ll report back when it arrives, I guess that @GrimsbyRiviera could also just ask Mr Strauss!


I’ve just messaged him. Will report back, but not before I’ve bought it first :joy:


Did you not hit him with the old “Do us a wav.” ? :rofl: