The Furtive 50, 2023

Yes, it’s here again, our annual poll. Tell me your favourite three tracks from this year (no edits, or unreleased shizzle) in order of preference, plus an album that you dug. I will accept releases from late December last year cos they tend to miss out in polls like this. GO!


Been off the boil with new music this year, but was introduced to this :arrow_down: on DJH and have been meaning to find a copy ever since. Was released in Feb or March I think.

Edit: Ah… Might as well include the YT link


As always, an almost impossible task, like picking from your favourite 30 children! I’ll go with this…

Phenomenal Handclap Band - Burning Bridges

Quantic - Run

Quinn Lamont Luke - No getting over you (Ron Basejam Remix)

Album: Say She She / Silver

Comp: Balearic Breakfast II

Not too many albums have blown me away this year, but I could name half a dozen fantastic compilations released!


Yes, indeed…:arrow_up:

Ahh the most magical time of the year…

I’d go for Quantic - Run too

I Feel You - Payfone

do reissues count? Pressure Me - Frankie B
if not
Love to do it - Joshua James & The Ride Committee feat. Roxy]

Album: Baxter Dury - I thought I was better than you
Saw him live in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago and he’s up there with my favourite performers. Brilliant, funny, banging. His band were ace too especially Fabienne Debarre, who does machines and vocals. Saw Young Fathers week after and their’s would be album of the year if I hadn’t seen Dury.


Underground System - looking In (Clive From Accounts remix)

Quantic - Run (edit: i did find it on my own and I did like it, but I think I might have only put it top 3 because the previous people did, so I might change it out later)

Mikal Asher ft Gary Davis- Red Gold and Green- Warehouse Preservation Society Full Mix

To be honest, I didn’t play or discover a lot of new tracks out this year. I’ve only had a few gigs and I mostly worked with “new” (old) discoveries form the past few years.


This is such a good song! Wish it were more widely available. I’d put this in the my top 3 without even managing to snag a copy myself.

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Pay fone - Feel for you

Underground System - looking in (Clive from accounts remix)

Ghost Assembly - I miss your love

Album -Bright and Findlay -everything is slow

Comp -Just a Touch - AOTN Sam Don

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Jim - Oxygen (Ruf Dug Remix)
Joe Morris - Arctic Sunrise
The Lahaar - Doin’ It

Folk, Funk and Trippy Troubadours Vol 2

Can’t pick between these 2, both getting a lot of spin time in and out
Aura Safari - Island Dreams
Earth Angel - Earth Angel


there’s a repress out I think

These are the most liked replies in the “what music are you buying?” thread this year. Not intending these to count as votes just thought some might find it interesting/helpful.


What’s Life was close to being in mine but (shock horror) I’ve not actually heard it out on the big system it cries out for. I need to get out more obviously!

No reissues! x
(re: Shiva)

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Took it off. I actually wasn’t familiar with the track and thought it might be a sample based new thing they did a good job making sound retro.

Edited my post to replace Shiva with Phenomenal Handclap Band then

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Another exceptionally good year.


  1. Underground System - Looking In (Clive From Accounts Remix)

  2. Tech Support - Kosmiche

  3. Gratts feat Nathan Haines - Sun Circles (Alex Kassian Instrumental)

Vying for places (and putting here for my own benefit)

Wrekin Havoc - Moon Dance
JIM - Oxygen (Ruf Dug Remix)
Katy J Pearson - Willow’s Song (Richard Norris Ritual Mix)
Payfone - I Feel You (Mudd Remix)
Bobby Lee - Reds for a Blue Planet
Andromeda Orchestra - Bad Girl (Playing Away Mix)
Two Ends - Frame of Mind (LOVA Summer '87 Remix)
Earth Angel - Happy
Jaxzing - Neu Nostalgia (Das Komplex Remix)

Tambores En Benirras - Orbe Dotado or
JIM - Love Makes Magic or
David Kitt - Idiot Check

Decisions, decisions


hmmm, im really on the fence if this counts as an edit (and is thus disqualified) or if this is a sample based, new work :wink:

Regardless, dance floor napalm.



Looking In - Underground System (Clive From Accounts).
Burning Bridges - Phenomenal Handclap Band (Prins Thomas Remix)
Can’t Replicate - Roisin Murphy (also ace live)

Runners up - C’est Si Bon - She Say She.

Album: Jim - Love Makes Magic

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Ah, the annual ‘How on earth did I miss that despite relative high levels of vigilance?’ list.

But thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I am currently in the bath giving some attention to previously neglected nuggets.

Also listening to some of these tracks.



Singles -

Heavy, dubby, druggy, chug from the master.

Came out Dec.16th 2022 but rocked every floor I played it to in 23……uplifting, understated, lovely vocal with a piano chords that lift the dancefloor to bliss! Big smiles every time!

Sexy house in a kind of Cure And The Cause vein. Played it lots this year!


Just got this one but it’s a solid listen all the way through and Astral Plane is just the loveliest uplifting cut with the sweetest vocal melodies.

Runner up:

This was an odd one that grew on me after a few difficult listens. Raw as fuck. Deeply emotive. Half spoken word, half sung, fully cosmic and 100% Southern Afro-American spiritualism.


Sublime rarities from digger extraordinaire!

Tied with:

What can I say? Luke Una, Mr. Bongo, eclectic as all it gets!