Get Your (Legitimately) Free Music Here!

In another thread, Psychemagik’s Archive 2009​-​2017 was mentioned: 98 tracks for a fiver, which is as good as free. But not literally free. Unlike this little lot:

So what else is out there for nothing / name-your-price ?


Wow- great shout! Thanks for this

These Alek Lee edits are decent. Name your price Bandcamp special!


Love this. Think it’s half a Euro if not free.



I’ve made a couple of albums this year.

The first one ‘Sun’ is a bit mellow but the second one ‘Moon’ is a bit more uptempo. Lo-fi, repetitive, electronic 4/4 noodling. I think there’s a bit of a retro vibe to the tracks but hard for me to tell and I’ve only really told a handful of people about them.

Happy to sort out mp3s or wavs if anyone wants them - please don’t buy them, I don’t know where the iTunes money goes!

Looking for collabs for the next one - vox esp.

Nice to see this place back!


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Yes got this awhile ago and that is great. something for everyone on there

a little italo

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Quite a few (not all) on the Mental Groove page:

Big fan of Tuluum Shimmering’s covers. This 38 minute version of Planet Caravan is a corker. And free.


Thanks for the tip. Had a flick through and the Youssou N’Dour, Augustus Pablo and Letta Mbulu all great

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Psychemagik Archive 2009-2017 | Psychemagik (

There’s a lot to absorb here!

Pink Leo - Pink Leo | Lanowa | Citizens Of Vice (Leo Sayer /Pink Floyd)
Something’ Sanctified - WHYD4ML (ACE Janet Jackson edit) WHYD4ML (Somethin' Sanctified Rework) | Somethin' Sanctified | Citizens Of Vice

I’ll post all the ones we did on Night Noise later



Love the Janet Jackson - kudos

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Track 2 on this is a decent edit of The Rare Band

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really enjoying that tune Full Rui

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This is fantastic - cheers!

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Thanks! These are great (as is Volume 1). Anything linked to Local Talk is always worth a listen…

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Blimey…lot to listen to here (am playing the 42 minute cover of ‘Horse With No Name’ as I write)