Furtive 50, 2022: The results are in

Go here:

Spotify playlist here:


Thanks Bill, really looking forward to getting stuck into the Spotify playlist as plenty I’m not familiar with. I really thought 'Alex Kassian’s – Strings Of Eden was safely going to take the to spot :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Listening now. Quite a few things in here I missed. :blush:

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Just bought 13 new (to me) ones. Every year it saves me missing some absolute diamonds


Too right, so much good stuff (often that I’ve completely missed). More expense…ah well. Thanks to everyone who chipped in.

same - for me best release of 2022. original mix and garden mix both great…

some quality music in that list in fairness…fair play!!

One helluva list that. Who won best album?

Luke’s E Soul Cultura was a bit of a runaway winner.


I’m pleased to hear it.

I need to work on my production skills. I don’t mind admitting it.

epic list! that scorpio twins remix is something else.


Yeah, that’s great - congratulations to @brunoots!

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For Tidal users, I’ve converted the playlist over (unfortunately it’s missing 7 songs which might be my local region licensing coming into play, apologies)



This is great, thanks mate!

Awesome ,was about to do the same. Hope this is not derailing the topic, but did you do this manually or did you use some tool for this?

Heaps of free services to choose from, but the one I use is TuneMyMusic. You will just have to fix the playlist description on the way through as it gets filled with self promotion crud from the playlist transfer service.

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Brilliant, thanks for this. I switched to tidal a while back as I can use it with rekordbox

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