Furtive 50 2022

Yes, it’s our annual what’s good in music jamboree. You know the drill by now, but in case you don’t, we need your favourite three tracks (in order of preference) and your fave album.

Tracks need to be released in 2022 (though we tend to be a bit lenient if it came out late last year). No edits, no reissues, just new music. GO!

(PS If you’ve already added your top three on another platform already, then don’t both replying to this.)


Here’s mine-

  1. Sandie Barber- I think I’ll do Some Stepping (Opolopo Remix)

  2. Chuck Armstrong- Somethings Got a Hold on Me ( Psychemagik Discomix)

  3. Cantoma- Alive (Conrad’s Vacant Lot Mix)

Album- Jura Soundsystem - Return to the Island.


Here’s mine:

  1. Pinky Perzelle - No Games (Pinky Electronic Mix) [Perzelle Recordings]

  2. Daniel Monaco - Swimming [Periodica International]

  3. Brittany Dubson - Du Sang [Chambre Noire]

Album: Eyes of Others - Bewitched By Flames [Heavenly].


On - Southern Freeez
Holiday - Confidence Man - Erol Alkan OOO Rework
Justin Deighton, Pete Herbert, Leo Zero - Sentiments of Soho Theatre

Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura


Heres mine:

1 : Carlos Nino & Friends - Actually
2: Str4ta - City Sounds
3: Brian Jackson - Little Orphan Boy (Two Soul Fusion dub)

Fave Album - Carlos Nino & Friends - Extra Presence (Check out the preceeding Album Actual Presence from 2020)

Great suggestions from you all - thanks!

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Chimére FM - Les Impétrants [Versatile Records]
SAULT - Air [Forever Living Originals]
Au Suisse - Control [City Slang]

Au Suisse - Au Suisse [City Slang]



  1. Rheinzand - Facciamo L’Amore
  2. Mountain of One - Star
  3. Hard Feelings - Love Scenes (Cosmodelica Remix)

Album: Sault / Air

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so much good stuff this year, but i say that every year. and increasingly year after year, i find that the tracks i choose are basically album tracks - i’m not actively DJing so much so i’m not on the hunt for remixes or edits or what have ya. so we’ll go with rad tracks on rad albums, and a rad album. or three.

  1. ron trent “cycle of many”
  2. the zenmenn & john moods “out of my mind”
  3. the greg foat group “sinister undertones”

album: other lands “archipelagos”
re-issue: electribe 101 “electribal soul”
compilation: “valley of the sun: field guide to inner harmony”


The Royal Academy Of Fierce – Black Pussy’s Revenge / Fashion Queen
Lanowa - My Fantasy EP
Cassy - You Gotta Know - Ron Trent Remix

Runners up
Osunlade - Black Woman Cry
the Move D Pandemix live jam eps

Jack J - Opening the Door

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  • Alex Kassian - Strings of Eden
  • FSQ - Reprise Tonight (Ray Mang 2nd Time Around Dub) - (total dance floor tease machine - from my own notes)
  • Str4ta - When You Call Me

Touching Bass Compilation


So hard… but so good thinking back through the year

1.Haai and Jon Hopkins - baby we’re ascending
2. The Vendetta Suite - warehouse rock - timmy Stewart 6 minutes to sunrise mix
3. Unloved - turn of the screw - ErolAlkan rework

Album Calm - Before (bandcamp tells me it came out 22nd December 21 but had to wait till August for the physical release)

Jack Jay album was close for me :+1:

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Top 3 all new
Chronixx - Never Give up
Amy Douglas - Never saw it coming (crooked man dub)
Say She She - Norma

Best re-releases (with new mixes)
General Ehi Duncan And The Africa Army Express – Africa My No.1 (Captain Planet Mix)
Bassfort - Moon Shadow (Joe Claussell mix)

Album - Sault - Air

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Just had a wee listen of this, blimey it’s good

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Yeah, it’s quality! Soundtracked my summer that one! Hell yeah is a great label :sunglasses::+1:

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I turned off email notifications on Bandcamp for Hell Yeah as I was getting bombarded, which is why it went under the radar :dotted_line_face:

That Zenmen/John Moods track is a real beauty isn’t it!


I do buy dance singles on bandcamp but they always tend to be a few years old… so not much in the way of dance but here’s my three…

James Righton - Empty Rooms
I Met a Mountain - Voices of Creation
Nia Archives - Forbidden Feelings (not as good as some of her tracks last year but still nice)

Album. Nu Genea - Bar Mediterraneo

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i’ve bought so many tunes over the last 12 months and my memory is definitely not what it used to be but here goes

Cantoma - Alive - Conrad Mcdonnell Remixes
Alex Kassian- Strings Of Eden
Cahl Sel - Every Moment

Other Lands - Archipelagos LP

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