Music related prezzies for Xmas?

Anyone get anything interesting for Christmas? I mainly got clothes etc but I did buy my eldest a Pioneer Flex 4 controller (she did ask for it too!).


Nowt music-related, unless you count (very tenuously) a baseball cap which looks very much like something MC Devvo might wear.

Not my steez in any way - Christ knows what my sister-in-law was thinking of…??!

It’s up for grabs if anyone wants to rock that look!

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An Xmas present to myself - popped into the local Mind shop for an impromptu record hunt just before Xmas and found a Cambridge Audio cd player for 20 quid in perfect condition - I haven’t had a CD player for years and spent the last few days rediscovering all kinds of great old cds, including friends’ mixes from 20 years ago, which have been sitting in boxes for ages - wonderful!

And a Boomkat voucher from my nearest and dearest which is always very welcome! A good Xmas music-wise.


Got my parents the Soul Jazz, Studio One Women comp as they’ve started collecting a few records again so that’s was the Christmas dinner soundtrack.
Bought myself that Clubbed book and the reissue Larry Heard Another Night re-edit and my sis n law bought me a wee DiY cardboard synth thing I’ve not made up yet.

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what kind of thing is your eldest playing Bill? My kids are only wee but obsessed with soundtracks. Keep insisting a wee Godzilla 7’’ and the Star Wars soundtrack get put on.

She’s got really good taste in music, actually, but not the same as mine. She plays fusion stuff like Cortex and Roy Ayers, but mixed in with hyperpop, bits of house, a real mish mash. She’s making her debut at one of her friend’s single launch in March so I might go down and have a listen.


sounds like a fun set