Put some reggae in your jeggae

I’m currently on my third monthly reggae night over here in Sweden after buying a 15KW soundsystem. (Don’t ask!). I play mostly new roots stuff but any decent reggae goes. I found out by playing my previous night that Swedish people love reggae, and why not?

There does seem to be a fair bit of interest in it too, what with the AOTN For the Love of You Lover’s Rock compilations etc.

Please post reggae that is currently boating your floats here.

I’ll kick off - Var Poor and Needy - Var - Poor and Needy (Official Video) - YouTube from the excellent Addis Pablo album Melodies from the House of Levi

Can I just paste a YouTube link and it marks up?

More top notch new roots from Dahvid Slur:

Probably not fit for your purposes if you mostly play rootsy, but I still love what Tapes is doing

Or this:

(apologies in advance for begging request) Does anyone have Harry Mudie - In Dub Conference Volume One on CD they could copy for me or send FLAC. Cant get the reissue for love nor money & am getting obsessed with it
Its on Spotify & I have MP3 version but would really like something for the proper stereo
( I have lots of CDs that I could swap with)

I bought Joe Gibbs Majestic Dub the other week
Sat down & first few tracks were the excellent dubs I expected & then came this

Given I know a bit ( amateur compared to here) HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE

Basically a full disco cover of Runaway

Still looking?

Seems to be a naughty one from

Or direct as FLAC and mp3 from

I’ve found this works better using Chrome.

Don’t tell anyone this came from me, right?

And it looks like for (too much) money there are several on discogs. Searching is your friend.

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