New Mystery Mixes: Sarahtonin

We’ve finally got our shit into gear to do some new ones. First up is Sarahtonin, our newest resident at Low Life and one of my protégées. She’s also a very nice girl and super DJ.

Go have a listen here. The remit is as before, but this time, they also need to be un-Shazam-able.

Piece of piss, right?

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Great mix of what seems to be mostly v early 90s stuff. 3 or 4 I recognise but its gonna take a few listens.
One came straight to mind tho coz I used to play this

05:55 Nia Peeples - Kissing The Wind (one of the Hurley mixes)

24 minutes is Exo Fender - Big Mood.

I’m really enjoying the fact more people are digging into this late 80s/early 90s stuff just now, there must be so much stuff to uncover here.

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Big Mood was the only one I recognised.

Enjoyed this mix!