I Like Short Songs

Favourite short songs…
One rule: next one below is shorter than the one above. Let’s start off with 1:35


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urk… that’s a big jump down to 32 seconds =/

I didn’t get in in time with this 1.14 beauty:

I had this one ready to send at 1.12

Napalm Death, in at 3 seconds


Their sessions for John Peel used to be relatively short affairs

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I had a Napalm Death disclaimer in the original thread draft but I thought no way will any grown man mess it up instantly.

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Anyone else think ‘Sir Mixalot’, or do I need psychological help?

I like short threads…

That was little unfair of me, how about a reset back to 1.12?

BoC, plenty of short ones to chose from, coming in at 1:08

Well if we could take it back to the heady heights of 1:36… I know everyone’s really busy though and they don’t have that much time to sit around and watch youtube clips

Breaking the rules here, but they are in order, at least!:

This is a few years old discovery but packs a punch and less than 3 mins…