The DJH Music Producers Thread

I’ve been trying to post something but when I put in a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link it just shows as a massive version on the artwork in the preview and I chicken out. Is that what is meant to happen, and the mini player will show in the actual post?

Not sure about the player on the page, although I vaguely recall that if you link to a single track it shows up and is playable. It might depend on your browser and what device you’re using.

But the essential trick is to put the link URL all on a line by itself. Nothing else and don’t bother with that link icon above the text box.

Also, as I call the preview to your right does not really provide the full experience. But just go ahead and hit the Reply button to see. You can always edit later.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Here goes:

An old track finally coming out on a VA EP on Toby Tobias’ new Voice Notes label. He insists on spelling Bennett with one t . Vinyl later this month and digital to follow:

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All right! Works fine here on what is probably the other side of the world with an iPad, not a recent one. Could play from the forum screen.

But, if you don’t mind, I’ll wait ‘til I’m on my system with better sound before really listening to the track.

Forgive the noob nature of the question, but what software would people recommend for a beginner looking to make some edits / DJ tools? Not looking to do anything revolutionary, just to idly muck about with loops of existing stuff for my own entertainment.

I’d go for Ableton Live ‘intro’ version, not too spendy and pretty ubiquitous and good.


Garageband if you’ve got a Mac. There are also some free online systems. I use bandlab just for the auto-mastering for demos, which originally was all they did, but there is a studio now although I haven’t tried it yet.


Ableton is good if you like that sort of thing.

Alternatively Reaper, if you have no cash. It’s not technically free but the trial never runs out and is fully functional. Reaper can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. It’s a bit ‘square’ and doesn’t win on the aesthetic front, but doesn’t default to time-stretching everything as Ableton has a tendency to do if you don’t tweak the settings

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Yeah Reaper is good. I use it exclusively. Not necessarily the best DAW out there for sequencing loopy electronic music, but for editing multitrack audio it’s really great.

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