Patreon and Bandcamp Subs

It’s the modern way innit. Sometimes living in the modern world is ace and we can all have nice things relatively cheaply (and support content creators). Was just thinking that post covid the number of Patreon and Bandcamp subs I’ve got has crept up as one of the main ways I consume music. I’ve currently got subs to…

Bill (natch, the best deal in the world!)
The Reflex (You can tell the amount of love and effort he’s put into doing this and it sounds like it saved his career at a low point)
Nicky Siano (Slowly and inconsistently writing a book)

On Bandcamp also got subs to NuNorthern Soul, Claremont 56 and Athens of the North (Thanks to whoever suggested it on here - you get an incredible amount of music for £28!)

I’d love to hear any other recommendations people have.


I’m tempted by some of those bandcamp subs - and would also be interested in recommendations!

The other Bandcamp one I’ve thought about is Soul Clap (but haven’t because my funds are limited), that one seems to offer a decent selection of exclusive edits and remixes for subscribers.

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Been toying with the Aroop Roy one Subscribe to Aroop Roy | Aroop Roy (

I’ve never quite understood the model…looks like a cheap way to download a lot of back-catalogue and then not stick around. Guess the real measure of value is how much new stuff gets released within each subscription window and of course how much you value feeling good for supporting artists.

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aye I suppose it can’t cost much to admin so a one off for digital back cat that might not sell much otherwise is worth the one off sub risk. I had the Roar Groove one and it was great to get the back cat but then they didn’t release anything else and I forgot to cancel so felt like a wee bit of a bump. I was thinking of doing the DJ Kicks and AOTN bandcamp sub.


That’s a fair point. Hadn’t seen the DJ Kicks one so a timely reminder to do a bit more Bandcamp digging. At least DJ Kicks are upfront and state that there will be at least 4 releases within that subscription window. Do you have any other recommendations?

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I’ll take a look at the DJ Kicks one too. I’ve also been looking at this one: Subscribe to VibraphoneRecords | VibraphoneRecords

It’s weird how hard Bandcamp makes it to find labels with subscriptions!


Patreon is even worse at making it hard to find potential new content (or even search existing). Their app is pretty basic.

Obviously I use Patreon a lot and have been doing since July 2021 and I find it very glitchy and prone to doing weird, inexplicable things, but I do think it’s a great thing for artists and the self-employed.

In case you’re interested here’s my page:

I subscribe to a few others, too, both writers and producers, though most writers are now on SubStack (which is also worth checking out). My Patreon page is very active and I post daily on it, though I have noticed with others they can sometimes be a bit useless at regular posting.

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Yes they are hard to search for. I’ll do a bit more leisurely digging and add them here for info purposes (not judging quality / quality…each to their own)

Subscribe to Sonar Kollektiv | Sonar Kollektiv (

Subscribe to Jazz In Britain | Jazz In Britain (

Subscribe to First Word Records | First Word Records (

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A few more I’ve found:

If there’s any good ones offering exclusive access to vinyl releases, please let me know…

I slightly retract my previous comment about Patreon as it looks like the app got a major update today which makes it much fresher and useable!

This one managed to tempt me - £5 for a pretty decent back catalogue. Feel like I should to let it run for a few months too:

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Good choice - lots of good stuff in his back-catalogue, especially around the 00’s imho.

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Interesting listen, if it’s your kind of thing


Just subbed to AOTN about an hour ago. really really worth it.


Finally signed up - can’t get enough DJ History.

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Did it include that new Just A Touch release?

(And can I ask how you got that embed code to work…wouldn’t do it for me?)

It should have everything but there’s a fair amount of recent stuff missing so I’ve sent a message and the guy running it has said he’s trying to sort it out. He says Just A Touch should be on it. I was after this:

The embed code works if you put it on a separate line and leave it a wee sec to load. On a laptop, don’t know about on a phone