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All the releases just came through, including Just A touch. Kind of glad I didn’t get them all at once. Well worth the money

I was about to post as I saw my inbox suddenly light up. The fact that there is the Bright & Findley album in there too just makes an incredible bargain even better. There are some crackers added in there from East Coast Love Affair and Benita too!

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Richie, thanks for the update. I’m sold. Not sure why I’ve hesitated…it’s patently good value.

EDIT Haha, too slow!. Did it go up in price overnight?

Not sure, I paid about £28.

Aye so much good stuff. Those East Coast love affair tunes are ace. A few lInkwood albums too.
This is cracking: Positivo | Grupo Magnético | Athens Of The North

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£35 now…still worth it.

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Electronica fans. Not a sub but a buy everything for £36.

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Another one where I was going to buy the new balearic comp for €10 and then realised you can sub for €6 and get that release and the back catalogue (including the upcoming Aura Safari/Jimi Tenor album). Madness!