Other peoples mixes you're bumping. Not your latest live set/radio show!

I think with Mixcloud, you have to create a hyperlink from the options

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I was using that and putting the http address in the box, managed to post the link but not the pretty picture that went with it.

Will try again with this lovely silky funky mix from Martin Red.

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Listened through this a couple of times already it’s super-fun. The second half is where things really go silly (in the best possible way)

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One from the Mix Club times

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Still rockin’ this! Fond memories :wink: :+1:

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He has so many great mixes. No matter how many times I listen to them I never get bored. Always a nice groove and great selections.

this is rather lovely


The recent Wreckin Havoc recording, featuring Kelvin Andrews. Some great music on there, looks like a great party to visit. Not sure how to link, as it was a DL.


Here it is. We’re looking at doing 4 next year. Should be Talking Drums first, all being well


Really Enjoying this Lerosa mix. Leo continuing to remain one of my favourite djs.

Imagination – So Good, So Right
Whodini – Nasty Lady
G Guthrie – Ain’t Nothing Going On
Full Circle – Workin’ Up A Sweat
Trouble Funk – Trouble
Trouble Funk – Still Smokin’
Yes – Leave It
Art Of Noise – Close Up
King Kut – Word Of Mouth
Doug E. Fresh – Just Having Fun
Deadline – Makossa Rock
The Pool – Jamaica Running
Blackway & Helene – Music For Us
Fascination – Out To Get You
Tullio de Piscopo – Stop Bajon…Primavera
Fokewulf 190 – Body Heat
Brian Auger – Night Train To Nowhere
Lerosa – Grey Velvet

This is a good one:

Is the David Braborossa going on line?

Yes Rohan, will get it up. Things move slow in Havoc world :slight_smile:

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Liking this guest mix just now, almost a collage of music,

Great vibes by our DJ Brka (Slobodan) here.


  1. tenderlonious - journey to thra
  2. linkwood and foat - marina
  3. other lands - matter
  4. warm - on my way home
  5. k15 - ritual IV
  6. kuniyuki - all these things
  7. huma - free and lost
  8. dam funk - night kruise
  9. zopelar - fly with u
  10. linkwood & other lands - theme for the city
  11. lars bartkuhn - daybreak contemplation
  12. anne wirz - resolution (deepsystems extended edit)
  13. mark e - mirrored cube (x2)
  14. melchor sultana - mirror
  15. chez damier - why
  16. satoshi feat. kuniyuki - new dawn
  17. jaime read - call that jazz
  18. larry heard - techno-centric
  19. larry heard - flight of the comet
  20. brother martino - we all love people who die
  21. ian oakley - rise & fall (benjamin brun remix)
  22. vakula - bug powder
  23. vakula & kuniyuki - passage to the moon (kuniyuki version)
  24. hom - hand sequence
  25. fred p - no looking back
  26. satoshie tomeii - landscape (fred p reshape)
  27. nlxlb - dazed dreams
  28. alex attias & sassy j pres. oja - jelly bubble rise
  29. dj city - 542626
  30. jesse outlaw & bill beaver - love you deeper
  31. patrice scott - odyss dance
  32. scott grooves - gettin’ started (deepsytems extended edit)
  33. big strick - jambalaya
  34. aleqs notal - planetary insanity
  35. floppy life - ndatl @ FXHE
  36. blak beatniks - a true poet (ron trent dub)
  37. damon lamar - paradise en luv
  38. simoncino - the lost tape III
  39. simoncino - tropical vibe
  40. nemanja krstic - bass odyssey
  41. vin sol & matrixxman - washing machine
  42. mr fingers - amnesia
  43. takuya matsumoto - 85
  44. john beltran - the returning dane
  45. kerri chandler - time is destiny

If you like Black Loops, you’ll love this

I’ve been battering this recent mix from Chris Duckenfield. A few of this year’s Furtive 50 hits and plenty of new-to-me niceness. Good for home listening. :headphones:


This is quality gear. 5.5 hours of bleeps, beats, house and techno from Autechre
From 88 to 93 ish in celebration of the first Artificial Intelligence lp on Warp

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