NEW PODCAST: Danielle Moore

Latest podcast is live and available on the site. Fantastic, inspiring chat with Danielle Moore from Crazy P, who is lovely.


Legends! The paring back of WWFM has left a Crazy P shaped whole in my life, among others :frowning:

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She seems like a very nice lady.

Top stuff Bill, enjoyed all of the podcasts so far .

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Thank you, really appreciate it :pray:t3:

Listened yesterday, most enjoyable.

We were “lovin’ it”. :wink:

It’s very quiet on here, Jeff. Will it help if I go away?

What a great chat. I could have listened to her for another hour - she does indeed come across as ‘lovely’.
And the story about her dancing with herself was hilarious :joy:

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The delivery was very good. :smile: