Wild Pitch. Give Us Your Faves

Pretty sure there was a thread on this on the old forum, so let’s get one going on here.

So never mind all this Balearic bollocks, give us your choice wild pitch. I’m talking Pierre, Felix Da Housecat, Power Music etc.

I’ll kick off with these:

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Still destroys dancefloors.


Two from the Global Communications boys.

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that catbitch record has never not been in my bag! so good.

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one of my all time faves but no link to it, I had to digitize my vinyl- never came out again

no need to cover the obvious ones, yo yo honey, midi rain - shine, the warp hothead single, i can name wild pitch all day!

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I only took it out pre-Covid, might have to put it back in.

Generate Power is probably my all time favourite but as that’s already been mentioned, another personal fav from DJ Pierre was this. Ironically its not the Wildpitch mix but is still def Wild Pitch themed


Déjà vu (Wild Pitch mix).

Man, I used to hammer that NY Connection record when it first came out. Mighty tune.


My two most played Pierre mixes are definitely these two:
Urban Soul

And Danell Dixon:

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And my two most played non-Pierre Wild Pitch tunes.
Terry Lee Brown Jr. (Massive Danny T record when it came out, he really championed TLB a lot):

And one of my discoveries (via Mark at Tag Records):

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Not Wild Pitch, but I liked that ‘Bad House Music’ Terry Lee Brown thing that you used to play.

Danell Dixon Voi.4 on Night Grooves. Can’t remember track name. Was probably B2.

The Felix Da Housecat Kyle one.

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Still a belter!!!

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Proto-Wild Pitch???

Later Phortune without Pierre:

Phuture without Pierre. He did Wild Pitch mixes on this but they aren’t as good as Roy Davis Jr’s.

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Probably my favourite Wild Pitch tune.

This is also a goodie.

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