Indie band remixes

A question for the panel. Given how much money was generally spunked up the wall by major labels on remixes in the heyday of money-wastage that was the early 1990s, what are the best indie/rock band remixes that have stood the test of time?

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Been carrying this one around since it came out. Never fails.


Digging this one! Who did the mix?

Mark Lusardi. A man who knows how to dub

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Rocky & Diesel did a vocal mix called Rather Large In The Bristol Area… but it was the dub that was large in the Brixton Area :wink:

Seems a bit obvious, but…

And for those who never heard the original source material:

(i have a feeling this is tagged as the wrong mix, i am gonna check)

DJ Sprinkles remix of The Golden Palominos

You might try checking out Brendan Lynch’s production output around this time - he seemed to be the go-to guy for indie/rock/dub crossover stuff under his moniker Da Lynch Mob. I recall his output being a little variable, but haven’t really listened to any of his stuff for over 20 years.

I still have the 12" of this Lynch Mob remix of a Paul Weller track:

The original source material:

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I seem to recall a lot of rubbish rock/dance crossover remixes around that time, the majority of which were real stinkers iirc (quite a few came out on Creation). You might try listening to this remix album from Ruby (aka Lesley Rankine, formerly lead singer of Silverfish). It was a completely remixed version of her album Salt Peter.

The ‘big’ track off the album was this remix by Peshay:

The original source material:

Having lived thru it, no 89-92 post acid house indie rock/dance lower BPM remixes have stood the test of time IMHO. Ewan Pearson’s more recent remix of Hallelujah worked and shows how times have changed up against the original mixes. I can’t listen to big tune 88-92 music with fresh ears and w/o memories/emotions of then clouding it tho, so happy to be corrected. A few tunes above are after that period (e.g., Kosmos was played at Sabresonic).

Don’t want to be negative tho, I wouldn’t turn off this from 91 if it came on the radio tomo:

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I still play both of these a lot. Maybe not the kind of indie band you might be thinking of, but I think the best ones worked if members of the band at least showed some support for the club scene/culture. Obviously Bjork was attuned to the scene given the path she took with her solo efforts shortly after the Sugarcubes broke up. Asking Tony Humphries (and others, to lesser effect IMO) to remix some of their songs and giving him free reign to get rid of or keep anything he wanted was a good choice.

Weatherall’s remixes of MBV tunes were also well made.


Drum Club remix of Chapterhouse

Steve Proctor remix of the Mock Turtles

Irresistible Force remix of Slow Bongo Floyd

Sound Foundation remix of 35 Summers

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Forgot about the Danny Rampling remix of Flowered Up’s Take It


Bizarre remix

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Not sure this counts, as it’s 2005… Still an oddball and quite fun wee remix.

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