Hip Hop Mixtapes Not Really On Video

This just arrived in my email. Looks good for any hip hop heads.

For the hardcore I’d guess that an original cassette might have even more appeal.

I’ll admit that the last time I paid any attention to one of these “Best Ever Whatever” lists, I was somewhat unimpressed.

Possibly they’re pretty good mixes, but I found it hard to believe that the ones I was unfamiliar with were necessarily among the best ever. I got all excited about the supposed Number 1, Prodigy Present The Dirt Chamber Sessions Volume One, laid my hands on a copy, and was decidedly underwhelmed. The Number 2 selection from 2 Many DJs was amusing with its video presentation, findable along with plenty of other 2 Many DJs mixes at


(The link seems to work despite no preview and a single click works better than a new tab). However, my enjoyment was limited - a bit too much kitchen sink.

I should have known! What list of best ever mixes doesn’t include Coldcut’s Journeys By DJs? Or Adrian Sherwood’s Time Boom X De Devil Dead Lee Scratch Perry mix? I suppose that last one may be just my personal preference and pre-existing prejudice, but still!

[EDIT: Sorry, I totally goofed up the title of the Adrian Sherwood mix of Lee Scratch Perry. The correct title is Time Boom X The Upsetter Dub Sessions. You can hear it at

  • the download is still supposedly available, although the CDs are gone. For any Sherwood or LSP fanatic, this is pretty much essential.]

But here I am now about halfway through Grandmaster Flowers Brooklyn Park Jam mix and it’s got its moments. Just don’t expect state of the art audio quality. It’s from its time alright!

[ANOTHER EDIT: Mixing on that Grandmaster Flowers’ tape gets pretty sloppy towards the end. A couple of flat-out mixed cues. Live tape’n’all that; I found it rather reassuring that even a legend can screw up.]