Great World Cup Records

Have there been any? Other than this one, of course…


I mean come on…you cannot beat this…

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I see your “We Have a Dream” and raise you “Ally’s Tartan Army” :rofl: :scotland:


“It’s naw the ball you’re kicking ya eejit, its me!”


“it’s a penalteeeee”
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


For it’s time :wink:

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I think i’ve found the winner … USA 1990

It’s even got OJ Simpson

Video has obviously dated badly but still listen to this fairly frequently

Not a world cup song, or particularly that great, but worth a mention if you’ve ever sat up to 1am on Monday night to watch the goals from Gillingham v Newport

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I was the Producer of that show ! Nationwide Football League Extra…


Brilliant! I assume you were responsible for the use of Gat Decor too?

Was a student at the time and didn’t know anyone with an interest in football that didn’t watch it.

Official record of the Italia 90 tournament, produced by Giorgio Moroder.

Has to be good, right…?

Yeh we had some fun with the music on that…Gat Decor indeed was me. I spent every weekend following Gabriel Clarke around a Football League stadium somewhere! Magic days. The highlight was being behind the goal then in the dressing room when Jimmy Glass scored the goal that kept Carlisle United in the football league in the last minute of the last game of the season. Absolute scenes!


Lower league footie supporter here. Loved that show!

Do you know this one? It was included on the Rhythm Dr’s Mystery Mix many moons ago.


I remember us doing a piece on Ivano Bonnetti at Grimbsy Bill

Had no idea RSW remixed the Poppies. On it as soon as I’m out of work. Cheers for the nod :+1:

From a comp released to coincide with the 1998 WC. Laidback’s ‘Street Football’ was prob my favourite, but I’ll be damned if I can find a version on the interweb. Surreal Madrid right up there with Psychedelia Smith at the top of the Premier League of silly Big Beat artist names.

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Was the bust up with Brian Laws covered? :rofl:

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PWEI were great…Can U Dig It is ace…

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