Dooley Silverspoon

I really need an mp3 of As Long As You Know Who You Are by Dooley Silverspoon… Seville records.

I know it’s available on mp3caprice but I’m a little wary of buying something from a country I suspect of being a bit dodgy

Also an mp3 of Dave by Kool and the Gang.

I see it’s been “greyed out” on Spotify and Apple Music :confused:

Welcome. Here’s the Dooley.

Em… Wow! Thank you so very much… The 12" too. I remember having 3 7" copies and doing a flip and bringing in the B side (badly or not too badly…)

Take care and keep it funky

David DJ Davy Dave

Personally I think the single he made after this, which is not on the LP, Mr Deluxe, is much better. Has a fuller, richer production sound.

I like that track Bill. As long as you know brings back some special memories of my up and down DJ world and will always be with me.

I love your Rhythm Kung Fu track. I have it on my Spotify playlist.

Much much cleaner sound than the original

I also love Mondo Disco and I’ll be holding on by Al Downing.


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