Alex Dijksterhuis /Jamez passed away Feb 27 2023

Only noticed since i was visiting discogs for some other reason and saw the note. did some googling but didn’t see any further info, but wanted to elevate since he was a huge part of my DJ experience and musical tastes from the 90s to now.
If anybody has any further info, or wants to remember the greatness, please post on.
Im leaving my favorite solo single by him here for you all to have a good memory.

couldn’t find a link to the music side, its not the tationne record, it’s way better! heres a sample on beatport.

Wow this is very sad, I was a really big fan of Jamez, Zki and Dobre in the 1990s. I even liked some of the early Chocolate Puma releases. RIP.

One of the greatest house records of all time:


i just re-digitized this gem but i played the remix a lot too back in the day. Never realized the original was 13 m long back then!

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Jamez died in his sleep at the age of 50. Probably heart attack . The unfortunate thing is that if it hadn’t happened in his sleep and had medical care in time he could have survived.
my favorite artist of all time.
Here is a link from my youtube channel with most of his amazing work,a lot of solo underground less known material to. And I have more to upload.
He may rest in peace, a true legend

Hard to pick favorites since his work was so dope but here are a few of mine (solo productions)

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Oh no, sad news… RIP Alex.

Makes me wonder how many underground artists responsible for music we love have (and will) sadly pass with pretty much zero media coverage?

Touche was an amazing label - 51 Days will always be a centrepiece track, while Trancesetters Fanatazing side A is an amazing deep and floaty 90s journey. Tata Box Inhibitors Plasmids was also a track I played quite a bit, but Dobre and Jamez remixes were always worth a listen (albeit later veering off down a musical path I wasn’t heading). Pretty sure it was Matt Rhythm or Warwick who used to spin Jamshed quite a bit…

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I play this quite a lot, too. Played it on Friday which reminded me. Breathes new life into an old fave.


Just reading this via the summary. This is very sad. I still remember the first time hearing 51 Days. Tony Humphries was back in NY from his residence at Ministry and he was our guest DJ. Busiest night we ever had. He played 51 Days and it was a game change for me from that moment. RIP

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