Bed Sheet Covers

What band would be on your bed sheet cover?

ps. presume someones making/selling it
pps. keep comments clean

I’d like Steely Dan covers… Steely Dan covers - #17 by Spider


I did a search for Harvey bed sheet covers and instead came upon a photo of him wearing a pair of curtains


That reminds me, we still need a DJ Harvey thread

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already got one. i decided that i really needed to have this album sleeve on my duvet cover, looks great:

Not strictly bedsheets, though the pattern could easily be transferred over, but Converse put out shoes that have the same pattern as the Claremont 56 12" sleeve from Paraíso… and yes, I do have a pair of the shoes (though they didn’t make them in my size)íso-Teu-Sorriso


This reminds me of a memorable trip to an away game at Leeds United in the FA Cup about 20 years ago, a time when Grimsby (briefly) weren’t completely shit. As we drove up to Leeds from London, our friend Ronnie started fantasising about what merchandise might be available if the impossible happened and we got promoted from the Championship (in reality what happened was we got relegated). His most wished for bit of merch was a GTFC bedspread. He has been known since then simply as Bedspread.


very random thread. I like it.

Does it have to be a band or can it be an artist ?

The Isley Brothers :wink:

Bournemouth and Grimsbys greatest moment was facing each other in the A1 windscreen / Haribo / carabo whatever it’s called cup in 96/97 ? Not sure when , fish vs cherries what a cocktail

  1. Eddie Howe played for Bournemouth. We won with a golden goal from Wayne Burnett. We did a Low Life party in a warehouse in Bethnal Green that night!

Best avoid the bed sheet covers from his Map of Africa phase.