Bandcamp Fan Handles

As I type, I realise ‘fan handle’ sounds like something 1970s Led Zeppelin would call their gentleman’s appendage, but I intend it to mean the Fan name (rather than Artist name) that people go by on Bandcamp. Have discovered many a pleasing nugget when they appear on my BC feed when purchased by billbrewster, We Are the Sunset and Global Riddims. For the record I’m pauljb1979 - but you’re probably better off going straight to the source and following the names above x


Hello, Aye that’s a good shout, my ‘Fan handle’ is Richie Havers. Currently flicking through your collection. Hope you’re having a braw evening.

I’m just simply bobvault. Most of what I buy on Bandcamp is Ambient music for my show on Vault Radio. Also buy DubTechno for myself.


That Psychemagik Archive looks ace, have put it on my wishlist :sunglasses:

Its well worth a shufti, MrH. Really good archive.

I go by Prefab71 over there. Disco and balearic mainly, and the occasional support of mates who upload their music to the site.

im Ktel Jenkins on bandcamp swing by to see me buy all the records I read about here. PS psychemagik comp has deleted 2 tracks so far from it. Mine has the 99 tracks and never got the full set by the time I bought it

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I’m Giuseppe V. I mostly buy italo, euro synthpop and Balearic bits and pieces.

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I’m Andrew Allsgood on BC. Mixed bag of musical stylings for me, as per usual….house bangers, weird edits, disco, world-beat, soul, funk, reggae, ambient, jazz…….follow me!

Bandcamp is the best platform for buying music!!


Can we please call them Fandles.


my fandle is deepconcentration which should come as no great shock.

Mine is howlerchj. Bloody all sorts in mine.

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