New vinyl release recommendations

Peeps, we want to stock a couple of nicely curated bits of vinyl for our store. Looking for small/indie label stuff, something that musically hits the spot DJH-wise, that we can help promote. Anyone got any tips for interesting things coming out in Jan/Feb/March that might fit the (ahem) bill? Ta! x


we’ve got some lovely things coming up. ill email you

I’d recommend Isle Of Jura. Not my label but I can vouch for the effort Kev goes to to get the licenses all sewn up.

Also, this one was bandcamp only I think?

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Ace! I’d be happy if you stocked Vinyl Only Records - ie: no digital releases, so I can’t help on that front.

I might even be able to provide the Test Pressings/Whites to sell, cos whenever I have given away to DJs they largely ended up re-selling on discogs anyway (Oi! if something was given for free, pass it on for free)

I know that not everything Vinyl Only release will be perfect DJH audience-grabbing tackle, but most should be quirky enough (as I don’t really see much listener/buyer value in milking 1 song to death with X million number of remixes - happy to be proven otherwise though).

VOV#17 is our next release and it comes out this month, while a new Rhythm Plate should follow before more YSE Saint Laur’Ant, multi-artist EPs and possibly even a Paraíso (Claremont 56) 12" will all be coming some time shortly…


Bit of nepotism but all the reissues on re warm are brilliant

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Toby Tobias has a new label, Voice Notes. Second release is on the way but no idea if it will be ready before March.
The first was gorgeous but vinyl is now sold out.