The excellent Fabio

Loved the new DJH podcast with Fabio - priceless anecdote about playing in Italy :sweat_smile:

Rage and Speed are rightly viewed as being his key moments of influence and innovation - but as someone who came to dance music with dnb as an entry point he, and also Bryan Gee, were the two most high profile djs who championed the more interesting musical, soulful sounds while largely in my view dodging the tedious, nonsense ‘intelligent’ tag. In the late 90s and early 00s when the darkest, tech sounds ruled, he was an absolute oasis.

I spent the summer after I left school in 2001 flyering outside clubs promoting Movement at Bar Rumba - the deal was you left the club an hour before close, but you got in free. Most of my fellow flyerers wanted to get into the big events like Slammin Vinyl at the Sanctuary, but I always made a bee line for Swerve at the Velvet Rooms on Charing Cross road - no lairy MC action and you’d always get at least a couple of hours of Fabio playing such great stuff like early Marcus Intalex and Calibre in a tiny space. It was so different and refreshing, hearing someone play what felt like quite unique music in an unfussy, skilful way, rather than one hour sets where everyone bangs out the big tunes of the moment, double dropping tracks on top of one another, as was customary at the big raves. Such a huge and lasting influence - amazing dj.


Loved it! Could listen to his stories all day.

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Terrific listen (likewise the FK interview a terrific read). And a testament to Fabio’s charisma that the entertaining Italy story is essentially ‘I did some strong drugs and fell over’


Oh man it’s such a pleasure hanging out with him, he’s always got loads of hilarious stories. I’m trying to persuade him to write a book . He wants to do a history of pirate radio.


late to these podcasts, but they are fantastic Bill. Really enjoyed this one.

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Thanks! They’re good fun to put together.

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Just listened to the podcast episode. An utter joy from start to finish (didn’t want it to end, tbh!)

I think one of the last things you said to him. was “we need to talk about that book…” - yes, you do! :wink:

Really, really enjoyed that. Thanks to both of you!

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Ta v muchly. He’s a joy to interview.

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Great listen
I assume this is the Reece Inner City Remix he mentions - Its :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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great podcast - really enjoyed it

I just played it as well, a very enjoyable ride. Those early years of hardcore seemed like they would have been a fun time to be a dj.