Live club DJ sets on a timeline, 1974-2008

Greetings from icy Helsinki. Old DJH occasional commenter, new DJH lurker here.

Over the pandemic, as everything was closed, I got a little obsessed with collecting & organising live recordings by foundational DJ’s, from real club situations (not radio or mixtapes). I suppose it was some weird response to not knowing if nightlife as we knew it would ever be back or not.

One of the outcomes of that obsession is a still evolving 140-hour playlist that arranges some of the best recordings neatly on a timeline for easy discovery and uninterrupted listening.

Starting with Tom Moulton’s pre-edited Sandpiper set from 1974 and closing with a string of Mancuso sets from the noughties, the playlist has essential sets from almost every year in-between.

Selection is obviously reflective of my tastes, but mostly of availability (on Soundcloud, in this case – YouTube & Mixcloud have a little different selection, with some recordings widely recycled across platforms). The list over-indexes a bit with everything The Saint -related, for the simple reason that there’s an incredible amount of high-fidelity sets floating around, transferred from reels directly.

Anyway, hope you see something you haven’t heard before… Enjoy!



Excellent project - cheers!

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That’s a great resource, thanks!

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Where is the original “Deep House Page” nowdays?
Can’t find the site, name too generic.
As far as I know that site (admin in Washington DC?) was the SOURCE in early naughties for old, old DJ-sets, live rec in clubs, but often sets from American radio.
Thousands of them, stream or dl. Mostly digitized from tape och cassette recordings with bad audio, early 70s and fwd.
Fab admin work, however!
Important archology.
But the site is gone, or?

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Yeah Deep House Page (or often DHP) is gone for good, as far as I know. I believe all of the admins moved on to other things.

It was an incredible resource in the early DJ internet & I see it mourned frequently now.

Many of the mixes on my playlist first appeared online on DHP, too, particularly the Chicago- and Paradise Garage -related ones.


Amazing work there, fab resource!

DHP was a great resource, mixes, anecdotes and reminiscences from dancers across the pond in the early days of the forum format

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Timmy Richardson (NYC) still has the mixes and I think he plans to do something appropriate sometime. He still (kind of) maintains both a “Deep House Page” page and group on Facebook as well as maintaining DHP Radio. There are still a few of us who play regular shows on DHP Radio but, since covid and all the live streamers, listenership and participation has really fallen off. Deep House Page itself died off about the same time as DJHistory, Faith, and the rest when facebook and other social media really took away users.


Thought so.
Keep up the good work!

Timmy Richardson is also an active member at FK:s World of Echos.
I drop him a mess, about the dhp.
The database must be of real historical value, I guess.

It was also a great place to wind up the septics with fabricated stories. The Paris Hilton one sent them into meltdown… :rofl:


Haha yes I have a vague recollection of that off the old Faith forum

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One of the fascinating things that I grew to understand better through the list is the divergence of the NY dance scenes in the early 80’s – The Saint style of deejaying became to be quite different from Paradise Garage style or (criminally under-documented) Better Days style.

This actually inspired me to go back to Tim Lawrence’s Life & Death, too – I found that re-reading the book & listening to mixes from the era was a very entertaining & educational combo.


Timmy confirm what we already knew from Jesse3enne77 that all the files from DHP are saved. His intention is to make them public, but when and how is unclear.