The DJH Great Movie Thread


A thread where you can recommend films you’ve seen…new/old/rewatched.

I probably spend as much time on films as music these days and I’m enjoying the LetterBoxd app - I know a couple of people on it but would like to follow more, so if you’re on there let me know.

I’ll start with The Stranger, streaming on Netflix. Gritty, dark Aussie drama based on a true story. I love a bit of dark Aussie drama (Animal Kingdom, The Boys, Snowtown etc…)


Hello matey, missed you on the other place.
Go see Living as I done a big cry.
I’m over on Letterboxd, have little bursts of activity followed by lengthy inactivity…


RRR on Netflix. I went in blind, recommend you do too. It’s top 3 for me this year, probably film of the year. It’s not in English and 3 hours long.

On a different tip - Athena also on Netflix. Riot on an estate in France pretty much in real time. The opening shot is one of the most impressive acts of film-making ever, I think.


I will seek you out on there! You are one of about ten people I miss by not having twitter so great to see you on here. Living on my list of must watches!

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Unless I am very, very surprised by the quality of Avatar 2, Everything Everywhere All at Once is my fillum of 2022 (now available to stream om Amazon at the moment I think).


Bloody loved Living. Although I think they missed a trick not calling it Living Laughing Loving. That Aimee Lou Wood was remarkable giving she has 6 entries on IMDB, one of which appears to be a cartoon.

Missing you too hun. I had a brief break from there and reined it in a bit.
I’m on LB as the Raygun. Just updated a bit, but keep forgetting. Was aiming to log all the films I’ve watched this year, failed miserably…

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Hahahaha. Spent the last half hour in floods of tears…

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Recently watched the square (2017).

I liked it. A bit long and is a bit weird. But was funny in parts.

Really liked prey, probably my fav predator film after the original.

New dune was pretty good too.

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Great idea for a thread Jolyon…

I highly recommend watching Mark Cousin’s ‘The Story of Film: A New Generation’ on Netflix. A brilliant sweep through films of the last 22 years with film from all over the world.

Great if you don’t know what to watch and want some ideas!


Agreed, RRR is an absolute blast. Looks like a sequel’s on the way too.

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The Lost King. Extraordinary true tale about that women who found Richard III under a Leicester car park

Shall we combine this thread to include TV shows as well?

Recent(ish) trips to the cinema that have been notable;

Where The Craw Dads Sing

On Netflix - incl. revisiting some old gold

Miles David : Birth of Cool
Spirited Away
Hustle (this was absolutely brill)

Licorice Pizza, on Amazon Prime :heart:


Amazing film, didn’t realise it was on Amazon now. Will watch again. So good

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Happiness (1998)

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I’ll never grow tired of watching Sean Penn and Tom Waits pissed as farts riffing off each other in THAT scene. Movie magic right there.

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Saw that at the cinema - was it really 25 years ago :slightly_frowning_face: Great film.

Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway (2019) a quirky low budget movie which will bring back memories for anyone who had a ZX Spectrum.

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Seems like the right thread to post this