Rat Pack assorted funk

I’ve got a private party in the offing in which the theme is Viva Las Vegas. So i’m looking for suggestions of Rat Pack-style records that have got a bit of dancefloor swing to them. I’ve got a bunch already, like Sammy Davis Jr’ Baretta’s Theme and Up Up And Away and I think I can get away with some Lalo Schifrin and Quincy stuff, too. Any other suggestions?


Norman Jay put this on a Good Times comp. Opened me up to the idea of adding some swing.


Big band with great lyrics to get the party started.


Yeah I got that one, it’s great! I’ve got quite a cool pisstake by Chevy Chase, that’s like a cross between this and Barry White.

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this used to go off at a funk night i did years ago


More swing than funk but this might work during a warm up

of course if that works then there’s that whole Schema Records, Nicola Conte, Koop etc bag to explore but I’m sure you know all that already.

Always thought this had a Vegas Vibe to it too

Mark Murphy? Particularly love his version of She Loves You (but can’t find a link).

And that Paul Anka lp has it moments, thanks to some decent production, for warming up

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Louis Prima covering Barry White could work.

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V good! Feel free to add more :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t work, but totally does! x

Sammy sings Shaft


Theme from SWAT
Theme from black belt Jones
I want to be evil by Eartha Kitt
Where is my man by Eartha Kitt
Louis prima:
“Felicia No Capicia”

I took Felicia to Las Vegas, here’s my story
She spent the weekend eatin’ chicken cacciatore
But when I said, “I’d like to kiss ya”
Felicia no capicia


That Louis Prima is great, completely forgotten about that :slight_smile:

If you are going with Sammy Davis Jr then Shake Shake Shake does just that. https://youtu.be/R6bEU_yvw8c?feature=shared

His late 60s albums are worth cherry picking, particularly Something For Everyone https://music.apple.com/gb/album/something-for-everyone/1616032710

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If you are going down the Lois Prima alley, this is also maybe playable.

More stuff that isn’t perfect, but has the sort of sound that i think works in that context.
Not exactly an easy task, this one…

You could add “Looking Out My Window” but you’d be as well just using one of his more vegas sounding ones in my opinion.

I played a Las Vegas themed party a few years ago at the big chill house, managed to fill over 2 hours with funky Vegas shizzle. Can’t remember exactly what i played but here are a few that i recall getting a good response, plus a few others that I discovered subsequently. A few are live recordings (several from Vegas itself) and i tended to include the applause at the beginning and/or end of the tracks as i felt it enhanced the sense of Vegas ‘showtime’ to my set.

Mel Torme - Superstition. A quirky live version. Not especially funky, but it seemed to really grab people’s attention. Includes nice interpolations of Gershwin and John Barry.

Jack Jones - Brother where are you. Recorded live at Vegas. It has a false ending, and then just as the guitarist begins to let loose the track fades out! Grrr…

Buddy Rich - The Beat Goes On. There are 2 versions of this cut - a 5 minute LP version (on Big Swing Face), and a snappier 2&1/2 min version on 45. It’s his 8 year old daughter on vocals, btw.

peggy lee - dock of the bay. In case anyone recognizes the beat, the drums on this were jacked by the Beastie Boys.

Shirley Bassey - Light My Fire. Classic version.

I’ll add a few more later :+1:


Did someone mention Las Vegas?


Ha! You beat me to it! Was just compiling some funky stuff by The King… His Stax phase yielded some good tracks.

Tom Jones also did a decent version of Polk Salad Annie, though his attempts at a southern accent on the spoken intro are pretty hilarious!

And there’s always Little Less Conversation, but that’s too obvious I suppose.

Edit: I just remembered that I ended my set with this outro from one of his live performances (“Elvis Has Left The Building… .!”)


Can’t believe how good that Jack Jones is! I must’ve bought at least ten of his miserable albums from charities over the years and they’ve all been absolutely shit.

Same here. You might try checking A Time For Us as there’s a couple of OK tracks on that, one of which (What Do You Get When You Fall In Love) was the source of an Andy Smith re-edit on one of his The Document comps. For some reason that I don’t fully understand, some of the tracks on that Jones LP are split between R and L channels (vox, drums and a few spectral horns on one channel, everything else on the other). Shut down the ‘everything else’ channel and you’re left with a brilliant quasi-D’n’B lounge track. It’s a nice trick!

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