Balearic TV Themes?

This post will disappear faster than your school sweetheart when you tell them you love them.
Fuggit. And no, theres no Van der Valk or Knight Rider…

Dooby Ducks Disco Bus 1991 [Ken Bolam, I believe].
I know, right…

Robin of Sherwood [Clannad FFS]

Incredible Games [??]

And a few more obvious ones…

Holiday/Voyager [Paul Hardcastle].

Twin Peaks [Angelo Badalamenti]

Krypton Factor [Art of Noise??]


On a similar theme to ‘Holiday’

Very literally ‘Balearic’

Hard to say what does or doesn’t constitute ‘Balearic’ these days (I blame those pesky kids and their ever-expanding lists of ‘Balearic’ sub-genres…!), but this would fit the bill, surely? It’s got an air of naive and unselfconscious fun which, for me, is a pretty good indicator of ‘Balearicism’.

It was the theme for ‘Monkey - Journey to the West’, bitd :+1:


Denton and Cook did a lot of cool ‘Balearic-ish’ themes for the BBC.

The Great Egg Race :+1:

Quiller. I think this got comped a few years ago on Late Night Tales?

And the 80’s theme for Tomorrow’s World could count as ‘Balearic techno’ or whatever…


This one is obvious, I know. Stone Fox Chase aka theme to The Old Grey Whistle Test…

As I was born there…:slight_smile:


Funny, that reminds me of this track by Wings which was used as the theme for a 70’s TV drama/thriller series called “The Zoo Gang”, which was set in the South of France.

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Bob James classic.


Gorgeous, those keys are so warm and cozy :slight_smile:

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Totally! and as lover of French TV/Movies I’m hunting this series down

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I think it was a British series, and the ‘gang’ in question were supposed to be a group of 4 or 5 concentration camp survivors who tracked down Nazis and other criminals.

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“Language Timothy!”


This got re-edited by Psychemagick iirc. Great track!


Saw the Holiday theme tune and couldn’t help myself. Too cosmic?

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And at the risk of starting off the annual What is Balearic? debate I was always partial to the closing credits of The Sweeney

And who doesn’t like a bit of The Persuaders

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Well… If you’re having that, I’m definitely having this! :grinning:

Pre-Clarkson Top Gear, natch

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You know you want to… :wink:

Well, The Persuaders theme got comped by Fila Brazilia, so that must make it officially ‘Balearic’…!

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Surely Balearic can be defined as anything Alfredo played between 1984-1987. Alternatively, Balearic is any old tat you fancy :laughing:

Almost everything can be classed as Balearic.