Italo house cheese

Hi all, can’t remember if I mentioned this, but I’m working on a book about the history of Italian dance music. Starts around 1970 and goes up the end of the last century.

I’m just writing about the early years of Italo house and I’m trying to think of cheesy, but good, Italo records from that period (1988 - 1992). Anyone got any suggestions?
I’m thinking stuff like Jinny - Keep Me Warm and Francesco Zappala & DJ Professor We Gotta Do It. All other suggestions gratefully received!


Think this threads going to be a lot of fun, how about this…


Teenage years spent listening to Sasha/Dave Seaman at Shelleys tapes have prepared me well for this :laughing:


I remember this sorta stuff from school discos, but even the cooler italo house stuff is a bit cheesy in some ways.

I’m sorry but there’s no way in hell you could describe that Sasha tune as cheese?!! :nerd_face: :joy:


It’s maybe a stretch to call it cheese, has a certain tweeness to it that seems to make it work on a lot of dancefloors i found.

A few more - not sure how many of these are actually made in Italy mind. Think the authentic ones have a bit of shit rapping in the middle :laughing:


This one was made in Stockport, but obviously influenced by Italy!

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Amazingly Miles Blog is still available

Feat Wiston Office

Couple of covers that deserve the cheese label but are actually quite good (OK maybe not the last one, but you said cheese…):

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I’m torn on this record - in 90 on first release it was momentarily a top club record and it “went off” when played (e.g., takes me back to Flying @ El Metros). It later passed into “cheese” territory and a few yrs after got into the UK charts, hence its rightful inclusion here.

How about all those cheeky Italian booties?

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Starlight - Numero Uno
Clubhouse - Deep In My Heart

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DJ Tennis has done a lovely little Italo mix for Radio 1:


Always loved this, but is it even house?


Me, and many other DJs around the planet, still mixing this music. There are hundreds if not thousands overlooked Italian House 12" from the early 90s.

There are also some tunes, that were produced in Italo House style, even in 1993, but I would say 1993 was the end of this style.

From what I was able to find out, the Italian House productions weren’t anticipated in, let’s say, Italian ‘commercial’ clubs and discotheques. It did, however, gained its popularity in gay and transexual clubs.

And as the years progress, the Italian audience get convinced to this music eventually. The first Italian House productions are tied to Gianfranco Bortolotti and we are talking about late 80s time when era of Italo Disco started to fade out.

The big Italian House producers were, to name a few, Pierre Feroldi, Walter Cremonini, Marcello Catalano, Roberto Zucchini, Pieradis Rossini, Maurizio Pavesi and many others.

These days early 90s Italian House music is still being played/mixed in Italy, Brazil and there are a many fans in the UK.

Check out my Italian House mixes on Mixcloud Mixcloud

If you are interested in any tune, let me know and I’ll have a look for an ID. Cheers.