Rahaan disco not disco

It was one of Smash’s monikers for some of the Eightball releases wasn’t it


any chance for a re-up on this one? cheers

Back in the day it was called “Mutant Disco,” generally referring to releases on Ze Records and its ilk.

Multiple compilation releases with that title - and, of course, Was (Not Was) were prominent on the label at that time.

My opinion is that, while appealing, the X Not X tag is a marketing neologism rather than particularly meaningful, sort of like “Yacht Rock.”

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I will admit that after perusing the tracklists of the Disco Not Disco compilations at more length that the music on them goes far beyond Ze Records’ patented form of madness.

I was pretty enthused by Ze Records back when. Still have a fondness for many of the tracks.

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Ze put out some pretty surprising stuff, a lot of which still sounds pretty good to my ears. I loved a lot of the August Darnell-associated material.

The X (not X) formulation has its value - describing a track to someone as being “a bit Reggae (not Reggae)” is a convenient shorthand.

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On the Ze Records side of things: a very entertaining episode of the Rock’s Backpages podcast with Michael Zilkha…


lol where’s pringbat? gotta bring him back.


I’ve been looking all over for this mix and can’t find it anywhere - missed the upload by a few days here, any chance i could be cheeky and ask someone to reupload it?