Happy New Year all

Happy New Year all.

How’s everyone feeling about 2024? :thinking:

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Happy new year!

My feelings about 2024? With regard to world events, I’m feeling pretty concerned about what’s in store for us. The situation in the middle East, elections in the US and UK - I’m hoping for the best, but who knows…?

But on the other hand, I’ve been weeding my records collection and as of today I have just short of £1,000 store credit with a couple of record shops plus the satisfaction of donating a car-load of records to a charity shop - so maybe that’ll help mitigate the effects of another 5 years of Tory government and another Trump presidency.



There’s a lot going on this year and not much to smile about.

In terms of voting it will be to get the bastards out.
In terms of personal it’s to be more intentional. Spend time in better ways.
I’ve already spent a lot more time spinning records at home than I did over the last few years. Feels like I’ve come out of a period of “heads down” and now it’s time to put some intention into things and hope some good spreads from that!