Spinbacks FourTet

38mins in and Fourtet throws a riddim into the set and seems to cause Chaos. So many comments on Twitter about Fred Again spinning the tune back and why. It seems odd such an odd reaction in 2023 maybe its the amercian rave culture still doesnt have the depth or history of the uk scene but made me chuckle. i know some people dont like them but the ‘‘pull up’’ to me is always great to hear when someone plays a ‘tune’ at that moment Four Tet, Fred Again.. & Skrillex live from Times Square for @TheLotRadio - YouTube

Nevermind spinning it back. Turn it off!

Winston Hazel used to love a good rewind , Id say less UK & really a Jamaican thing originally
I dont know much about FE but always thought Skrillex was v EDM so interesting that Four Tet playing with them

Great clip, I may try the whole set

I like it, whole set is more like tough end UK Garage than EDM from a quick skim

GD - Down with da kidz

Rewind operator gonna kill 'em with sound
Bawling out murder and selector come down…

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