Vinyl DJ Poll Question

I imagine there maybe even a way to insert a poll. But I’m not sure how that works, so I’m just going to ask the question.

This one is for people still lugging crates to gigs. Which copy of this record would you take with you? The OG Trax copy (not super OG, but it’s old, and crunchy like it’s got cat hair in it, like a real Trax record) or the newer legit reissue, that sounds good and is made from the master tapes, but doesn’t have the provenance of the Trax?

Which would you choose?

The one that really sounds better. Forget the cat hair. The hell with the provenance.

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If you’re playing to people who just want to hear music, take the reissue. If you’re playing to a bunch of vinyl fetishists and you think you’re likely to get people asking to inspect your record bag, take the OG.

OR… cover all possibilities by taking both copies :person_shrugging:

I think the question for me is do I want the crunch and crackle, alongside the fatter grooves, that come with the original. The two feel different on some level. It’s not much of a consideration whether I’ll be showing it to anyone else.

Neither. Find something new.

Such an edgy answer.

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I wouldn’t have said so. The record is 36 years old?

Ah. Maybe the word I was lokkong for was smug.

But it would be edgy to play new music and a night focused on music of a different era.

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Didn’t mean to sound smug. Sorry.

I don’t really like nights focused on different eras, but then I don’t really go out.

Cheeky, maybe. Not smug. :wink:

I never let, or would never let, people inspect my records at a gig. Trade secrets and security!

I suppose if you took both copies you could have an educational moment by mixing them in and out if each other. Otherwise, extra weight!

I’ve only got twenty. Definitely not smug.

I’d probably take the original. That kind of music is supposed to have some crunch IMO.

Although if your reissue is scuffed up then maybe that would qualify too… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Whichever is cheaper? If it’s the OG stick it in the bath for a couple of hours and give it a good scrub.

People seem pretty evenly divided.

I agree with the sentiment that the music lends itself to a bit of crunch. And my OG is clean, it’s crunchiness is in the pressing.

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You’ve got a crowd that appreciates crunchiness in the pressing? You’re doing well!

(Light.) (Banter.)

Take the label off while you’re at it for the real old school look.

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If that were politics it would be described as a landslide for the shiny repress.

Reissue every time.

The other is a cool artifact, but sound wins, always.


I have both copies (Trax & S12) and I generally just play the og as it sounds fine enough to my ears. Definitely not one of the worst Trax pressings I have heard.

M.E. - Ride 12" Trax seems to degrade in quality with every play, which is a shiter cos it is a great record.