The DJ Mix Thread: Post your latest/greatest DJ Mixes here

Post your latest/greatest DJ mixes here…

I will go first…

"This mix is completely inspired by the life changing experience of living in Berlin between 2011-18. I was lucky enough to play in the city nearly every month for almost 8 years at a variety of great venues and I took full advantage of the adventurous set times I was often given. I was often booked to play the morning sets, which was amazing as I didn’t have the pressure of the peak time set and I could really experiment in clubs with crowds who danced until midday and with powerful sound systems which made the records sound even better. I was able to play at a wide range of clubs as a DJ in Berlin because I could play most shades of house, techno (but not the super hard stuff), broken beat, disco, UKG stuff, jazzy stuff and more. This was actually an asset I think as I could play disco influenced stuff in the red room at Renate, the deepest house ever in the lobby at Blank or swingy raw techno and electro in the Silo at Muehle. 8 hours back to back with Franklin De Costa in the main room at Kater Holzig starting at 6am on a Sunday morning, playing in the morning after Bambounou at Chalet, warming up for Danny Wang at Renate, covering for Jazzanova at Fete De La Musique, playing the day after I arrived at Woodys birthday at Heidegluhn (there were a few untagged photos on FB after that) - the variety of DJing possible was amazing.

I was often booked from 4-8am, 6-9am (breakfast set) or even sometimes 8-12am. I would try to have an early night - get a few hours of excited half sleep and then head to the club around 1 hour before I played. I used to turn up and people would be FUCKED but that was great as it meant they would appreciate the music more. I would have a few rapid shots of vodka or pfeffi depending on the venue to get myself feeling a bit dizzy and begin to play. 3 hours is the standard set time in Berlin clubs which is a perfect set length for me - enough time to have a few peaks, twists and turns. Club wise, I would say this mix is inspired by playing at places like Loftus Hall circa 2012, Mothers Finest at Griessmuehle circa 2016 and of course all the times I played at About Blank back in the day. I never really had to compromise musically in Berlin - apart from playing a bit more harder and manic. Which suited me fine.

In terms of tunes - it’s vinyl only - not to be wanky - I just don’t have any CDJs at home, quite a lot of it comes from Diamonds and Pearls distribution in Berlin - huge shouts to Johannes for being generous with the test pressings over the years and also some bits I picked up at the great Bikini Waxx shop in Berlin - I really like their selection there, and of course OYE records who were also my go to shop in Berlin. But yeah vibes wise, I just wanted to get down some of the more techno and jacking vibes I like. Hope you enjoy it. "


I’ve decided to take up a new “practice” and record 30-40 min of random mixing before I go cold plunging in the north Pacific every morning at 8am and post the results as my daily music offering. No rhyme nor reason to my selections, just in the flow.
Needless to say, I’m posting them on my socials and i reckon I’ll post here as well. Seems this thread could use a little kick in the ass……

Here’s “Today’s Special no. 1”


I’m looking forward to this daily mix. Love the idea. Randomness and serendipity always work for me. But for now I’ll skip the 8 am plunge. I’ve thought of doing such a thing, but it would mean getting up so early by my standards.

Of course, if I were in Scotland, preferably the Isle of Lewis, it might be another matter. If you find this remark cryptic, I suggest you watch The Etruscan Smile, which is not the world’s greatest film but enjoyable enough. I also warn that if you know the geography of San Francisco you will find its convoluted sense of place disorienting. But it has a morning plunge in the north Atlantic - and that’s what we’re looking for.

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Let’s just hope that @Dubble_eh did not have a mishap with his early morning swim ‘cos I was looking forward to some random mixing!

Just to keep the thread grooving musically, I’m linking to a mixtape I made ages ago, ‘88 or ‘89 I’m thinking. And it was somewhat retro even then. In fact, positively nostalgic.

Two sides ‘cos it really is a cassette!

Someone I knew who worked at a music distributor thought it would be cool to get all the DJs she knew to make a tape and then she’d dupe them and send them all around to each of us. Needless to say the logistical aspects of this kind of idea are completely different these days. I never heard anyone else’s tape.

Anyway, it’s been playing in the truck recently and I thought I’d embarrass myself by sharing with y’all. Some of the mixes I really like. A couple didn’t really happen but they’re not terrible. And there’s one or two with crashing beats breakdown - that’s the embarrassing part. Crashing beats embarrassment! Nothing like it for cleansing the soul. But, like I said elsewhere recently, we DJs must live with our mistakes.

Music is pretty varied. Doubt I would play much of this to a contemporary floor - but what I would play to a contemporary floor is a bit of a conundrum.

Is it my greatest? Is it my latest? I’ll never tell.


I kept the practice up! Have 5 done now! Just a chore posting about them everywhere trying not to get sucked into socials and chat rooms! LOL

Here’s the link to the playlist:

Cheers :call_me_hand:

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Just been listening to these, all excellent (particularly like number 3 with “Take me with You.” Thanks for putting these up, they are great

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Glad to hear there were no aquatic mishaps around the great island of Vancouver. SoundCloud, here I come.

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Longtime lurker here…

The Movement – 4th Sign
Teuf De Ouf – Scruscru, Jehan
What Is Jazz? – Never Dull
Solitude Collective – Tour-Maubourg
Back in the Dark – Jovonn, DJ Deep
Higher – Black Loops
Travlin – Norm Talley
Jus Dance (Christian Nielsen Remix) – Christian Nielsen, Mr. V
Spacefunk – Stussko
Lalalalala (Nside My Mind) – Green Velvet, Jamie Principal
Fluff Rehab – Kerri Chandler
Its Time to Move – Sosa UK
Dark Forces – Robert Babicz
special top secret underground 90s track :slightly_smiling_face:

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Currently lisenting to number 9, good stuff thank you for sharing

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quick little mix I did, nothing fancy just good tunes


I’ve updated my (almost) daily mix playlist. Today’s Special #6 through #10 here for your listening enjoyment! :musical_note::headphones::musical_note:

And another one from myself. Its highly influnenced by me rediscovering this board. Thank you all for all the great rabbitholes you send me in :slight_smile:

(Edit to add Tracklist,)
Ponte – Don Glori
Estou Dez Anos Atrasado – Erasmo Carlos
IMMORTAL (feat. yourbeautifulruin) – Ricki Monique
Nijána – Jana Koubková
Kamakumba – Mop Mop
E Go Betta (O’Flynn Edit) – Dele Sosimi
Midnight Magic – Cro-Magnon, Roy Ayers
Moon Rising (10 Years) – Gayance, Judith Little D
Lift (Justin Strauss Remix) – 808 State, Justin Strauss, Eric Kupper
Life is Like A Circle (Fred Everything Remix) – Derrick Carter, Chris Nazuka
Underground Lingo E.P-1 (Old Skool) – Matos, Mateo
Hypnodrome – Abdul Raeva
Les Là-Bas (Bonobo Remix) – Henri Texier
I Feel Love – Fingathing, Jesca Hoop


Thanks for the tracklist! Wanted to know what that first track was, but was a bit embarrassed about asking. Nice mix! I liked it :+1:

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Really the best remixes, great job, I really like it.

Been a while people - Little 1hr Wrekin Havoc Mix I did a few weeks back for 1BTN


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Mix I did for the Headphone Magic mix series at the end of last year, lovers rock, street soul & house.

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Another one from me… no special theme, just tracks I liked in the last week

16 Toneladas – Noriel Vilela
Férié – CHATON
Game Time – Retrogott, Fokis, Lakmann
Siri Que Marca a Onda Leva – Robson Jorge, Lincoln Olivetti
Ein Bisschen Jazz – Toni-L
La Schmoove – FU-Schnickens
Standing Right Here – Melba Moore
Dança – Joutro Mundo
Santa Catarina – Lazywax
Pas si vite – DjeuhDjoah, Lieutenant Nicholson
Are You Dreaming – K-HAND
Feel – K-HAND
Lets Dance (DJ Deeon’s Rewerk Mix) – Paul Johnson
Liquid Programming – Sansibar
Dance Wicked – Jah Shaka

Myself going 1 record about with Nina Stanger at the Terminal V festival last weekend. I can’t remember all of the songs, some ballroom, ebm, 90s house, synthpop and a track that is a brazilian semi rip off of Pump Up The Jam.

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gökcen kaynatan
dj Niga Fox
Manu Debango
Hamilton Bohannon
Theo Parrish
Cousin Cockroach (dego)
Stucky riddim
Cough and Spit Out Riddim
Rubber Neck - Pot (remixed by thomas Brinkmann)
Cristian Vogel - Shoe Renounce Soul
Andreas Gehm on mathematics (This is Voodoo)
Africans with Mainframes - A Mind Is a Terrible Thing 2 waste (B-side)
Felix Da Housecat under Aphrohead alias
Hieroglyphic Being, off one of the IBM eps
Adj - Space Monkey
Lonnie and Melvin Murdercapital 001
Drexciya - Sea Snake

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Gibraltar – Stanley Turrentine
Cool Like the Blues – Justin Warfield
Backward Love – 40 Thieves
Dear Limmertz – Azymuth
Stormvogel – Jungle By Night
Judge Not (Ray Mang Special Mix) – Phenomenal Handclap Band
Boogie – Uptown Funk Empire
The Rapper (Bonus Track) – Indeep
Life in High-Pants – Ponzu Island
Toujours (Original Mix) – Adryiano
Wonky Bassline Disco Banger – Red Rack’em
Just Be Yourself (Remix) – Nightlife Unlimited
How Much Are They? (12 Version)“ – Jah Wobble, Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit