Calling all writers

We’re keen to bring new writers into the fold. Our remit is to document dance music history, so if there’s a corner of it you’d like to cover, or if there’s someone you think we should interview, please get in touch.

And we’re always interested in new books or research papers about the
culture and history of dance music, so if you’ve written one, send it to us to write about.

The DjHistory podcast will bring you voices from across the culture. And our shop will slowly fill up with books, music and merch. Get in touch if you have something you think we’d like to sell.

Most of all, though, let’s chat. The forum is a fresh playing field waiting for you to run in and start kicking things. We’d dearly love to reinstate the archive with its classic threads, but for privacy and GDPR reasons it has to remain a distant memory. So sign up and start sharing your wit and wisdom. It’s why you finally deleted Facebook.


I’m visually impaired, which doesn’t affect me much day-to-day. I do, however, find the near-total darkness of, say, room 2 at Low Life, hugely enjoyable but tricky to navigate without assistance. I’m not sure I have the time to write or research this at the moment but i’d be very interested to hear about the experiences of dancers with disabilities.


Is it possible to also keep this as a place holder for writing and grammar tools? Also I was looking into handheld zoom recorder or MacBook recording methods for chats.

I have some ideas which could involve traveling, interviews and creation of something worthy. No real idea where to start and if the writing could be original, engaging, funny and interesting?

I do have the worst and best gig stories, it’s a long one (with some side story) and they were asking on TP…actually, I also have the wedding gig one too.

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Bill - how many words do you generally look for in interviews? Got a couple of ideas if I can persuade the people concerned…

An interview can be any length really. I’ve got some that are only about 1500 words, but then the Andy Votel was edited down to 6,000 words from a 12,000 word transcript. An hour’s interview will usually yield between 5,000 and 7,500 words on a raw transcript. I’d rather read a really interesting or funny 1,500 interview than a long, but boring, epic conversation.

Things we’re looking for specifically:
LOST HEROES. People who have passed away and were underrated, undervalued or under the radar. A chance to big up your favourite local DJ, or someone in the industry that has been forgotten or a brilliant musician that maybe didn’t get the praise they deserved.

CLASSIC CLUBS. Speaks for itself, but clubs or club nights that no longer exist that changed your life. We’ve got a few already, the Body & Soul one on the site now, I did one on the Warehouse in Leeds, Frank’s got one on Sound Factory.

OR. Any other random idea you might have!

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DD, these all sound like potential goers to me. Feel free to elaborate.

I’ll try and put something together suitable for the forum. I have to run some drafts past other eyes also.

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Got it. The people I’m thinking of fall in the lost heroes bracket so will try and persuade them.

You can HMU directly at x

I’d be up for contributing for sure. The run up to Christmas is full with day job and reviews, but will have a think over the holidays.

Msg me and let’s chat :slight_smile:

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