Go here to read it:

If you haven’t read his book, pick it up, it’s really funny but also lots of scenarios you’ll identify with.


The book is ace - funny, heartbeaking and painfully close to the bone. I went along to the launch night and Harold and his lovely wife, Annie, sat me down, fed me and then introduced my to all his mates who were in the book :grinning:


Why are we in our thirties and forties with rooms full of records with one gig every two months, still calling ourselves DJs? Why are we doing this? Stop the pain.



I saw the recommendation on here and was glad I purchased the book. Very funny, honest and relatable throughout.

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Er, and fifties!! :laughing: pretty sure having one gig every decade or so still allows one to use that word…

As I pressed send before on that message I thought, shit I’m not even in my 40s any more


Really looking forward to reading the book as I’ve just bought it after reading the interview.

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i’ve always been terrible at giving gifts - pretty much all gifts i give are things that i’d want. heath touches on that for a moment, that idea of “let me give you a little piece of me, regardless of whether you asked for it or not”. there’s a lot of (this type of) DJ spirit in that.

maybe the people who really know how to give proper gifts (sans personality) are the types of DJs who just absolutely rule at wedding gigs.


50s… once a month maybe and, because even though nobody comes, nobody else is playing this music around here. If I don’t do it, nobody will. Someone may turn up and like it one day…


Well written, funny and honest.
Would definitely recommend

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Another really goid book. But Let No Man Put Asunder was First Choice not Loleatta Holloway!

Oops will go and change that :joy:

I meant that was in the book. Not read the interview yet.

Actually, I can’t find it. Where does it say that?

Itt’s in the book. I noticed it because I remember once making the same misstake myself. A very long time ago.

Nice interview. Can also relate as someone who has attempted to take to take DJ/production workshops to ‘difficult’ teenagers.

  • Difficult teenagers tend to think house music is ‘long’.

I have been meaning to get round to this book for quite a while, this brilliant interview is a timely reminder that it has to be read!

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Read this book over Xmas. Quite enjoyable!

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