Promotion Tips?

So. I guess many of us here put relatively small events on, myself included and we could all do with getting a few more ‘bums on seats’. If it’s not too cheeky, would those who frequently achieve good numbers be happy to share any guidance on how they generate more interest in their events?

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In the past ransome note helped us out with articles relating to artists we booked like dj Rocca we did a few promo bits , write to them they are very friendly , flyer crew on the corner near the venue is worth it and getting someone young and keen to do the door

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Its a great question, I’d be interested to hear folks thoughts too. We rely almost exclusively on social media to promote our parties which really bugs me, but I dont really know what else to do. Its a young persons game

There might be a wider discussion to be had here about how drastic the landscape has changed over the last 10 years in terms of putting on parties. Rapidly closing venues, gentrfication, shrinking audiences, festivals and mega events have all contributed to putting the boot into small events, and its never been harder imo

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I’ve been promoting club nights & various independent events since 2009 and making a living from it. Only reason I stopped was cos of the pandemic. I had 4 different regular club nights running by then and was about to launch a new festival. Currently finishing my BA in design and then we’ll see what the future holds…

So I can definitely help here. Maybe over the weekend I’ll write something up. Running (but more importantly maintaining) a successful club night is a bananas amount of work, but incredibly rewarding and just an all round great way to spend your time

If anyone wants to pose specific questions, feel free, that might nudge me along, otherwise I’ll try write something more general up


Not a promoter but see a lot of paid adverts for club nights on Instagram so assume it must be fairly effective. I do this for a living so happy to help out with tips and advice. Excluding the cost of creative, I’m sure you could run an effective campaign for 200 quid ad spend. Possibly even less.

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