Live talks in London

After attending an inspiring talk in Fabric last week, to celebrate what would be Mr Weatherall’s 60th birthday, I’m thinking this may be a good thread to share forthcoming talks in London…

I can’t seem to find any websites which list such talks / interviews where you can attend… Perhaps DJ History could be one? Beginning with this thread…?

Thanks in advance!

Well, funny you should mention this. Allow me to throw in bit of self-publicity. I’m doing a talk in Brixton in May on the history of house on May 31st at the Market House. Will include extracts from interviews I’ve done with artists like Steve Silk Hurley, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Jesse Saunders and Celeste Alexander.

Go here:


Magic, that’s great thanks for this! Just bought a ticket.

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Worth keeping an eye on Classic Album Sunday events - the recent one with Francois K at the British Library was excellent.


Sounds ace Bill, any plans on other non London dates?

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I think the idea behind this is to test the water to see if it works and then try in other cities. Bristol might be next if it works.

Anyone else going to Bill’s event in Brixton this evening? Still a few tix left. Be nice to put some faces to names, so come over and say hello if you’re there - I’ve got a beard and round glasses, and I’ll probably be wearing a stripey chore jacket or some such quasi-fashionable nonsense :+1:

Ah unfortunately I cannot make this anymore as I’m DJ’ing in North London from 9pm-2am.

If anyone would like a ticket please let me know (I don’t want it to go to waste) :slight_smile:

Also, If anyone fancies a dance later, I’m DJ’ing with Abraham Parker from Honest Jon’s records at Ridley Road Market Bar in Dalton :). Will be playing a soulful selection of dub, funk, soul and electronic. Poster attached.

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Will be passing on the way back from Brixton, so will try to pop in :+1:


Don’t forget, you can stream this live (and apparently download it to watch later, too, perish the thought) if you can’t make it in person.

I’ll be going tonight but my date has let me down, so feel free to approach a solitary bloke who looks like this,