The most Balearic new book this year?

400 copies printed. He’s gathered together all the playlists of Roman DJs stretching back to when Piper opened in 1965 and tabulated them all. 4,000 tracks. Absolutely insane. Obviously i immediately bought a copy.


Got quoted 21 Euros for post so 56 Euros in total; I’m assuming you think it was worth it?

Couldn’t find the Spotify playlists manually, do you need the QR code to access them?

I paid just over €50 for it incl/ postage, so sounds about right. Not tried the QR code TBH, but maybe there’s something in the book that allows you to access? I’ll have a look.

I'll post some pix of it when it arrives. A lot of these Italian books are often pretty nice, they do like to art direct stuff even on short runs like this. Fingers crossed!

Yes, please do. Could be a short and simple Xmas wants list this year.

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How was it? Worth the investment?

Yes it was, actually. The QR codes take you to Spotify playlists. It’s nicely presented and designed. They’ve also asked me if I’d be interested in helping them put together an English version, so stay tuned.


Oh… I’m very interested in the English version. Keep us updated!

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